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192Your design-minded friends may read blogs like, have Prefab in their fan of coffee table books and Dwell in their magazine rack, but you can do them one better. Order the Modern Playshed, a mini prefabricated home (i.e. pre-constructed pieces that are assembled on site), for your very own backyard.

The Playshed may be a playhouse for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t brag about its sleek looks and design sensibilities. Launched in late February by its exclusive vendor, Velocity Art and Design, the Playshed was created with the expert help of Ryan Grey Smith of local Grey Design Studio. The best part is that your child can customize the look of his or her shed with a deck or colorful plastic panes and with cork, chalkboard or whiteboard interior panels. It’s a project he or she will dig– all the while being blissfully unaware of the Playshed’s architectural cache.

The Modern Playshed available from $2995.00 at:
Velocity Art and Design
2118 Second Ave.
between Lenora and Blanchard Streets