Where Pink Meets Cupcakes: The Eastside’s Sweetest Spot to Party

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We know the scenario all too well: your kiddo is having a birthday and you just don’t have the time to throw an elaborate DIY party. So you try renting out a space that will host it for you–which usually ends in angsty kids chewing on cardboard-like pizza while sporting crummy paper hats. Say goodbye to those days of painful party planning, because Seattle’s Eastside has the sweetest spot to party–PinkaBella Cupcakes at Redmond Town Center.

Let’s go through the party planning checklist for parents…Easy to get to location in Redmond Town Center? Check. Party room that is private, but not just some dark room shoved in the back of a store? Check. Custom designed themes to fit any whim or obsession that your little birthday girl or boy is currently having? Check. Someone else to clean up after a dozen kids eating cupcakes?! Check. Oh, and did we mention the cupcakes?

The Heart Behind PinkaBella
Owner and Mrs. PinkaBella herself, Margo Engberg and her husband, Doug, adopted their children from Guatemala. Margo realized that her kids had never had a birthday party, as did most of the children that they went to school with. So, Margo started bringing in cupcakes for their classmates’ birthdays — a small, yet thoughtful gesture that turned into the cupcake-making, party-throwing PinkaBella.

Now, Margo and the team at PinkaBella keep the cupcake love going in the Seattle area and beyond – donating over 30,000 cupcakes to charities and schools over the past four years, using the tip jars in each of their store locations to sponsor children in developing countries, and funding monthly birthday parties for children in orphanages around the world. To put it simply, PinkaBella is more than just cupcakes.

Party On, Cupcakes!
Let’s talk business. And by business, we mean parties. The PinkaBella party room is attached to their Redmond Town Center location – it’s right off of the store, in a bright, new, shiny room that is just begging to be filled with the giggles of birthday guests. We love that the room is a blank slate – PinkaBella created it that way to allow you and your superhero/fairy/American Girl Doll/pirate/cowboy/insert your child’s can’t-live-without-it phase of the year here choose the exact type of party that typically only lives in your dreams. Margo and the team at PinkaBella go far beyond simply providing the cupcakes and the space – they will help you fill in all of the details of the party – from favors to décor to tabletops to activities (we hear cupcake decorating parties are their specialty… can’t imagine why!).

Other reasons why PinkaBella is the new pick for parties…

1. They aren’t all about the pink: As much as PinkaBella loves loves loves its pink, they cater to the boys too. Just ask about all the crazy cupcake creations they’ve made for the anti-pink – from camo to Mario Brothers and beyond.

2. Drop and shop: All of the other moms will love you for having a party at PinkaBella. They can drop off their little party guest with you at the party room and then squeeze in a little shopping at Redmond Town Center. Just make sure you have their phone number so that you can text them when the party is wrapping up! No MIA mommies allowed!

3. Easy as pie, er, cupcakes: Throwing a party outside of your house can be the easiest way to go… or the hardest. There’s nothing like choosing a seemingly awesome party venue, only to have to spend an hour pre-party hauling all of the party goods to the location from your car. At PinkaBella, it can literally be as easy as showing up with the birthday boy or girl. And hopefully, when you leave, the only think you’ll need to worry about is how to get all those great gifts to your car…Oh, and maybe a few extra cupcakes too!

Prices for the party room vary based on the type of party you choose – they can give you a quote and chat details when you call to book your party.

Get in Touch
To book a party at the PinkaBella Party Room, contact the Redmond Town Center location by email at Redmond@PinkaBellaCupcakes.com – they’re quick at responding so that you can get the conversation about dates and party themes going quicker than you can say buttercream! Find them online at pinkabellacupcakes.com

How sweet does that sound? What is your kiddo’s favorite birthday memory–did you host it at home or rent out a space?

— Katie Kavulla, whose favorite PinkaBella flavor is the insanely delicious Peanut Butter Cup, which she refuses to share with her kids

Photos via the PinkaBella Cupcakes Facebook page and Katie Kavulla