ReTreasure: Burien’s Newest Recycled Art Studio

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If you’ve been looking for a place where you can roll up your sleeves and put all those hours spent on Pinterest to good use, look no further than ReTreasure. This newly-opened, repurposed art studio in Burien welcomes all levels of creativity (or lack thereof). And with open studio hours, group events, toddler pricing and birthday party packages, ReTreasure has something for everyone. It’s time to turn one man’s junk into another’s creative treasure.

Retreasure Outside

Misfit to Masterpiece
ReTreasure focuses on turning recycled goods into art projects of all kinds. Kids, and adults, can select from an enormous stash of recycled pieces, including (but definitely not limited to) cardboard, bottle caps, egg crates, circuit boards, fabric, CDs (think recycled Boys II Men CDs… honestly, who would want to separate from gold like that?) and lots of buttons. In fact, there are so many odds and ends of creative materials, the project outcomes are virtually endless.

Photo Credit: Jenifer Castillo

Your pint-sized Monet can pair these non-traditional items with run-of-the-mill art materials (think glue, glitter and paint) to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece; while learning the all important lesson that recycling your materials can help the environment and stir your creative juices. The ReTreasure experience will encourage your tot to look at old items in different ways and determine how to give them a second life.

photo: Brighid Murphy/Firelily Photography 

Need Some Guidance?
ReTreasure’s owner, curator and creative instigator, Yon Flora, is on hand to offer project inspirations, guidance and to assist in the creative process when needed. Budding Picassos will quickly connect with Yon, a former teacher, and learn that she knows where everything is and can help locate a missing morsel that will finish their pièce de résistance.

photo: Brighid Murphy/Firelily Photography

Got Goods?
Got a basement full of half-finished craft projects? Flora welcomes donations with open arms, so ReTreasure is a great resource for parents to rid themselves of the extra piles of “would be” projects lying around the house (think paper towel rolls you’ve been meaning to turn into something inspired, yet again, by Pinterest). Check out the donations page here for a list of items Flora is able to accept.

photo:  Jenifer Castillo

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Glitter On?
Drop in and go to town for $12 for 90 minutes of creative reuse. Monthly memberships are also available and perfect for those who plan to return (and return again). Individual memberships cost $30/month; for $45/month you can purchase a couples membership (for example; two children) or go big and buy a family membership (up to four people in the same household) for $65/month. Bonus: All memberships include unlimited studio access and a 10% retail discount.

ReTreasure also offers pre-paid passes if you’re looking for unique gift; purchase five passes for $57 or 10 passes for $90. And ReTreasure offers birthday party options, group events, field trips and even Parents’ Night Out programs which are available by appointment.

Insider Tip: Don’t have time to stick around? Have a school project that needs extra oomph? ReTreasure offers a “Fill a Bag” option that allows you to fill up a standard grocery bag to go for $10 (or $15 for fabric). Score!

photo 2

photo:  Jenifer Castillo

Totally Tots
Heads up to those of you lucky enough to be wrangling tiny tots. ReTreasure offers rates of $5 a day for the 3 and under crowd—perfect for your resourceful (busy and curious) kiddos. Psst! The studio is an excellent place to meet up for a play date or to make new friends.

For those crafters who feel more creative after a fully stocked stomach, snacks are available for purchase. From chips to trail mix to coffee, water and tea, Yon make sure to stock treats that will keep your crew focused on their projects, and not on their grumbly tummies.

photo: Brighid Murphy/Firelily Photography

Treat Yourself
For a more substantial meal, ReTreasure is conveniently located across the street from Grand Central Bakery. This is the ideal spot to grab a latte (caffeine helps the creative process right?) and hot chocolate before heading over. It is also the perfect stop for a post creative victory cookie (or two).

Good to Know 
ReTreasure offers FREE bubble refills! Bring your own container (with a lid) any time the studio is open for a fill ‘er up; 8 oz of bubbles to-go (no purchase necessary).

627 S.W. 152nd St.
Burien, Wa 98166

Hours: Mon., noon-6 p.m.; Tues.-Thurs., 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.; Fri., Closed; Sat., 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun., Closed

Have you visited ReTreasure?  If you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting, what masterpiece did you bring home? Let us know in a comment below.

—Jenifer Castillo