Sam I Am

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It happens during many a stroller walk. You load up Little One, tuck his fave, cozy blankie around him, and nestle his sippy cup and favorite toy by his side. A few blocks later, you gaze at LO to find him with sip and toy, but the blankie had fallen somewhere along the way.

This happened one too many times to Seattle mom Theresa Okell , who while jogging with son Sam would routinely have to break her stride, stopping to pick up Sam’s fallen or dragging blanket. She’d see other moms and babes dealing with the same issue: blankets that got kicked off by little legs or that would get caught in the stroller wheels or get soiled by harsh weather.

Okell’s eureka moment resulted in the SammySack, a kick-off proof, weather-proof stroller blanket. Made with two fabric layers, the SammySack’s outer part is durable, water-repellent nylon, while the inside is soft polar fleece. The SammySack’s genius comes in the way it fits. It clips to the stroller so it won’t slide off, and it’s shaped like an hourglass with a wider upper and lower portion, making it easy for snug tuck-ins without bulky blankie excess. An adjustable foot pocket keeps feet covered but still allows for wiggle room. With 9 designs to choose from, the SammySack is for toddler through 4 years. (Look for the brand new SammySackBaby for infant to 12 months coming later this month). If you’ve got a double stroller, no problem. Clip two together and you’re good to go.

SammySack, $60 – $65