Seattle Acting Classes for Tiny Drama Kings and Queens

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Tiny Thespians Blossom at Taproot Theatre

It’s never too early to introduce toddlers to the wide world of imagination and creativity found in drama. Photo courtesy Taproot Theatre Company.

There’s always one in the family: the itty-bitty drama king or queen who knows life is a stage and plays dress up games that involve practicing an Oscar speech in the bathroom mirror while holding a shampoo bottle.

But how does one engage and nurture the precociousness of such a child? Taproot Theatre has an answer in its newest offering—with a darn cool name. Drama With Your Mama is a class for 1 to 3 year olds and a caregiver, and is geared to cultivate a child’s creativity and imagination by encouraging social, physical and vocal awareness and building self confidence.  Classes include creative play, movement and theatre games, and plenty of dress-up and silliness for both kids and adults.

Class size is 15 kids (plus caregivers) and classes are once a week for a six-week $75 session. You can also pay a $15 drop-in fee. The spring session starts March 29 and registration is online.

And who knows, maybe your mini-Sandra Bullock will remember this class as part of her humble acting beginning and thank you in her 2035 Oscar speech.

—Kavita Varma-White