Daddy & Me Photo Contest Finalists: Vote Now!

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To honor all of the rad dads out there and celebrate the countless piggyback rides, dramatic story times, and climbs up Mt. Dad we’re thrilled to announce the finalists for the Daddy & Me Photo Contest!

Now it’s time to choose your favorite picture taken of dad and kiddo. One lucky family will win a photo session from one of our favorite photographers in Seattle, Anita Nowacka!

How to Vote:

Browse and choose your favorite picture from all of our awesome submissions. Voting is easy, send in your vote and include the number of your favorite picture and the city name in the subject line. (Example Seattle 18)

The picture that gets the most votes, takes home the grand prize!

Click below to see our 16 fabulous finalists
1. Neetu
2. Lindsey Emiliusen
3. Anka Dolecki
4. Heidi Bond
5. Annie Weber
6. Lorrel Mikels
7. Nina Kemsley
8. Ashley Veater
9. Mike Dulas
10. Alison Bishop
11. Amy & Harvey Kramer Hawks
12. Molly Maybell
13. Tiffany Dunn
14. Crystal Pierce
15. Alicyn Hagar
16. Joanna Bare

Read the itty bitty contest rules here.