Seattle Mom Crochets for Kids With My Oleda

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Super-Stylish Kiddo Knitwear: My Oleda

Pregnant with her second child and dealing with health complications, Sarah Irish was confined to bed rest and resorted to crocheting (a hobby she learned from her mother) to make the time pass. She finished a blanket for baby Isaac, who was born prematurely and passed away a few hours after coming into the world. Irish was able to wrap him in the blanket she had made and hold him. The experience inspired her to keep creating, and she started My Oleda, a gorgeous line of knitwear that’s  best described as vintage with a modern flair. Sweaters, hats, booties and infant cocoons (from $15 to $50) come in amazing color combinations made of funky yarn with gorgeous trim details, such as buttons, flowers, and ribbons. Customers can also order custom designs directly from the website.  Irish has had a busy year, moving from the Seattle area to Marysville, and along with her paramedic husband and 4-year-old daughter Ryan Olivia, welcoming  son Caleb Daniel to the family. She’s now tackling the adventure of using “a ton of yarn, some very hip patterns, and hands ready to dress the youngsters of world!”

—Kavita Varma-White