Seattle Totally Awesome Awards 2013 Winners & Celebrations

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Seattle parents picked their favorite family-friendly businesses for Red Tricycle’s 2013 Totally Awesome Awards!  Over 236,777 votes were cast and the results are in with all of the Totally Awesome winners listed below.

All of us at Red Tricycle want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the winners, finalists and especially, to everyone who took the time to nominate and vote for their favorite local businesses. Without further ado, here are your 2013 Totally Awesome Award Winners:

Art Classes for Kids: Smart With Art
Baby & Maternity Shops: Tottini
Camps for Kids: Arts Aloft
Childcare Agencies & Resources: Annie’s Nannies Inc
Cupcake, Bakery & Sweet Shops: Trophy Cupcakes & Party
Drop-Off Childcare Programs: Blossoming Buds Cottage
Family & Pediatric Dentists: Smiles by Smita
Family Camping Sites: Mount Rainier National Park-Ohanapecosh
Family Escapes & Getaways: Jetty Island Beach
Family Hiking Trails: Washington Trails Association
Family Photographers: Timme Photo
Family Restaurants & Cafes: Bean Sprouts
Groups for Moms & Dads: Green Lake Moms
Ice-Cream & Froyo Shops: Moonie Icy Tunes
Indoor Playspaces: Playdate Cafe
Kid-Friendly Coffee Shops: The Village Bean
Kids Birthday Party Spots: Pacific Science Center
Kids Clothing & Gear Stores: Bootyland Kids
Kids Consignment & Resale Shops: Little Quadoo
Kids Dance & Theater Classes: All That Dance
Kids Language Classes: Sponge
Kids Music Classes: Baby Jam
Kids Sports Classes: Skate Like a Girl
Midwives & Doulas: Doula Seattle
Mom Fitness Programs: Running Evolution
Mom-Run Businesses: Strength Studio
Museums: MOHAI
Parent Education Programs: MamaCon
Parks & Playgrounds: Carkeek Park
Schools & Preschool Programs: The Bear Creek School
Toy & Book Stores: Clover Toys

To celebrate the winners, finalists, and the great Seattle, we also threw a #totallyawesomeparty at the The Land of Nod. The party was so fun and we loved meeting all of the Totally Awesome Awards finalists and winners.

Wondering who is behind your favorite business and services? Click through our photo gallery to find out. Photo credit goes to the Totally Awesome Family Photographer GalePhoto!