Where to Find Seattle’s Tastiest Empanadas

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With ancient roots winding from the Iberian Peninsula through most of Latin America, these warm and gooey combinations of meat, cheese, veggies and/or fruit in a fried or baked dough pocket have long been favored by laborers, travelers and traders—and now Seattleites—for their tasty portability.


Maria Luisa Empanadas
La boca, with seared ground beef, onions, peppers, raisins and spices, is the quintessential Argentine empanada. $25 for 12; free delivery in the Seattle area with an order of a dozen or more. Available at theFremont Sunday Market (year-round) and Queen Anne Farmers Market (Thursdays, May–October). 206.218.9678; marialuisaempanadas.com

La Isla
At this bastion of home-style Puerto Rican cooking, try the fried pernil, a flaky crust stuffed with succulent pulled pork that has been marinated for days and slow-cooked for hours. $4. Ballard, 2320 NW Market St.; 206.789.0516; laislaseattle.com

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photo credit: Eric Tra