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118When’s the last time you had a choice between sucking on a sweet Cherryhead candy or chewing Bazooka gum? That’s right. When you were a youngin’. And you can feel like one again —and introduce your Little One to wonders of years past —at Max & Quinn’s Atomic Boys, West Seattle’s latest gem.

Owner Kent Sadow says, “It’s retro shop meets party store meets Archie McPhee. It’s an eclectic blend of goods we didn’t have in West Seattle.” He put his finger right on the kitschy nose. Atomic Boys took over the spot that was, for twenty-five years, Hart’s Cards and Gifts. True to that legacy, the store carries party supplies and greeting cards. They are, however, retro-fying and hipping up the selection. Think tikki-themed drink stirrers and plastic palm trees.

For the kiddos, and grownups’ inner children: a wide selection of retro candy, old-school lunchboxes, pick up sticks, gags (think whoopee cushion), magic tricks, stickers, classic card games, balloons, outer-space themed logo tees, and much more to explore. Modern fads are included as well: they have Parasite Pals.

We wouldn’t actually be surprised to see, among the fun wares, a red tricycle.

Max & Quinn’s Atomic Boys
4311 SW Admiral Way (West Seattle)