Stroller Derby

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139Getting back into the gym is pretty low down on the list of realities right after Baby is born. But getting back in shape? Yeah, it’s important. Which is why we’re psyched about Strollometer. This cute little gadget (it comes in pink!) attaches to any stroller so that you can use your walking time as a an effective workout. Creator Adi Weber was a gym rat before her daughter was born – and then she took lots of walks with the stroller. She wanted to know how her stroller walks compared to her gym activity, but she couldn’t find a convenient, accurate tool for keeping track. That’s how Strollometer came to be. In addition to a thermometer and a clock, features will let you know how fast you’re going, your average speed, top speed, how far you’ve walked, and how long it’s taken you. It’s as easy as looking at a clock. Now you can easily measure the daily activity that you’re doing and modify it as you see fit. A walk around Greenlake yields big numbers, or be more adventurous and try a hiking trail with Baby in tow. Strollometer fits on any stroller, even all-terrain and jogging strollers. Go, Mom, go!

Available online and at Seattle, Redmond, Southcenter, Alderwood and Tacoma REI stores.