Swing Sets

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52As moms we’re good at being sneaky. Sneaking vegetables into a fruit smoothie. Sneaking educational shows into TV time. Sneaking our favorite candy out of Junior’s Halloween stash. Our intentions are good but like they say, Karma’s a bitch. Lately, something baaad has been sneaking up on some of us…the numbers on the bathroom scale! Eek!

Thankfully, the smart ladies from local fitness company The Healthy Goddess have created a way for moms to sneak in a workout when time is scarce. Mom’s Swing Set Circuit cards attach to your stroller and provide tips on little ways to get/stay in shape while you’re at the playground with the little ones. Rather than parking it on a bench with a latte, you can use that bench to do tricep dips. Fun illustrations guide you through each exercise, such as swing lunges and hanging knee-ups, using equipment commonly found at the park. The back of each card has other tips for healthy living. Now, if you walk or jog to the park too, even better!

Affordable at only $9.99 per set, the cards make a fun addition to a shower gift for a new mom. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the American Heart Association Go Red for Women program.

Mom’s Swing Set Circuit Cards