Tiny Take-Out

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It’s a weekly tradition called the Lunch Box Imbroglio. You go (groggily, before cup of joe) to the fridge to make the kid’s lunch and find you’re either a) out of bread, b) out of lunchmeat, or c) out of ideas. So you get creative – peanut butter and marshmallow creme? – but the nutrition police haunts and you swear to do better next time. That’s when you call Fantazimo, a new food company founded by Peter and Andrea Gradwohl , which delivers nutritious lunches to kids in any school in the greater Seattle area.

See, the folks at Fantazimo are prepared. Order by 4:00 pm and the next day they will deliver a fresh lunch to your child’s school. (You can also order in advance for the week or month.) A brown paper bag, with junior’s name on it, is filled with pleasing-to-look-at, yummy food that’s, holy cow!, healthy.

Entrée options include everything from BBQ chicken wraps and turkey and swiss sammies to good ‘ole PB & J. There are also gluten free options. Made by Seattle caterer Gretchen’s Shoebox Express, the lunches include sides like fruit cups, carrot sticks and mini-yogurts. They come in two portions — Varsity ($4.99) and Jr. Varsity ($4.49) — so depending on your kid’s appetite, waste isn’t an issue. With three school-aged kids, the Gradwohls know well the stress that comes with daily lunch prep. With Fantazimo, their goal is to both lighten your load and nourish your kid, one convenient and healthful meal at a time.