Take a Tour of Seattle’s Own Mighty-O Donuts

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No need to rub your eyes or pinch yourselves. This isn’t a dream. You can actually tour Mighty-O Donuts! With a reputation in Seattle that is as golden as, well, donuts, Mighty-O donuts are practically good for you – made with non-hydrogenated oils, no artificial flavors or colors and all certified organic ingredients, they are also 100 percent vegan (milk and egg-free!), opening up the world of donuts to kids with dietary restrictions all across the city. But, despite being good on your body, Mighty-O donuts are also good on your taste-buds! Just save a maple bar for us!

Set it Up
To arrange for your own tour of Mighty-O, the first thing you’ll need to do is gather up a group of your best sweet-loving buddies. Each tour requires at least five kiddos and it seems that about six kids is maximum capacity in the not-so-big Mighty-O kitchen. But, if you have a larger group, they will happily break you up into two separate tours that visit the kitchen back-to-back and will let you know what time each group should arrive at the bakery to avoid a lot of pre-tour drooling and wiggles. Send an email to the tour coordinator at Mighty-O via email to get the donut rolling – info@mightyo.com or visit the Mighty-O website for additional details.

Toddlers Need Not Apply
You’ve heard the expression “bull in a china shop?” Well, we’re pretty sure that it was taken from the original saying “toddler in a donut factory.” Of course we adore our littlest donut-lovers, but when it comes to touring the kitchen at Mighty-O, it’s probably best to visit sans toddler. Mighty-O is happy to adapt the tour to make it appropriate for whatever age group is visiting, but take it from us – kids who are pre-pre-school will be just as satisfied with the donut that you bring home for them. 

Donut Expectations
The tour itself takes you back into the donut-making space of Mighty-O donuts, which is far closer to a kitchen than the factory you might be expecting, considering how many donuts they crank out daily to keep the city of Seattle supplied! Feel free to stand near the back while your tour guide leads your kids through the experience – showing them the ingredients and equipment they use and teaching them a bit about why it means so much to them to use all organic products. You’ll be surprised at how much you all learn along the tour – from the special type of flour that they use, to how much of each ingredient they use every year, to how they make donuts differently from other bakeries.

But, don’t be mistaken – this donut tour goes far beyond donut education. Your kids will love running their fingers through the flour to feel how soft it is and watching the secret to getting the hole in the middle. And, of course, the grand finale – watching the batch of donuts that they’ve help make over the course of the tour take their trip being dunked in hot oil and covered in cinnamon sugar! Everyone will get a few mini-donuts to sample at the end of the tour – better hope that you’ve taught your kids to share!

Super Sweet Tips

A few tips from expert donut touring addicts/parents…

  • Leave the stroller at home: There isn’t a ton of room in Mighty-O and at times it can get quite busy and you will definitely get the stink-eye for having your double BOB in the way of people getting their donuts.
  • Prep your kids: It could be best to come a bit early and let them have a donut BEFORE your tour. It does take about 30-minutes from start to finish for your fresh baked donuts from the tour to be finished and honestly, sometimes that’s just too long to wait if you’re five-years old. A pre-tour donut will certainly help ease the anticipation.
  • Mighty-O is also a fantastic kid-friendly spot on its own, without needing to take a tour. They have a huge selection of kids’ books along the back wall that your kiddos are welcome to enjoy while they chomp on a donut… or two… and while you sneak in a page of your own book and sip on a latte.
  • Go to Green Lake afterwards: Grab some donuts to go (and coffee!) and head down the street to Green Lake to burn off the sugar energy before heading home.

Mighty-O Donuts
2110 North 55th Street
Seattle, Wa 98103
206-547-0335 (store phone number, not the contact number for tours)
Online: www.mightyo.com

Does your family love Mighty-O? What do your kids love to order from Mighty-O? Share the sweetness in the comment section below. 

— Katie Kavulla (She also provided the pictures, thanks!)