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193When Junior gets artsy, do his outfit and your house end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting? We can’t help with the mess on your walls, but we can recommend a darling apron by Seattle-based Leda Yolo for protecting precious clothing. Yolo is a retired elementary school teacher so you know she truly understands messes.

Each apron, (sold at Boston St., where local designers are king) is made of vintage fabric, with a special pocket for art supplies. Some aprons are additionally embellished with pink poodles and other cheery designs. While you’re picking up an apron or two, you may also want to invest in some tiny Cotton Caboodle shirts– the store stocks a boatload of colors. And, well, if the sleeves end up paint splattered, you can always say they came that way.

Aprons available for $9.95 each at:
Boston St.; The Children’s Everything Store
1902 Post Alley
in Pike Place Market