Can’t-Live-Without Thanksgiving Recipes From Our CEO, Editors & Writers

We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a family dinner where everybody enjoys the delicious food while giving thanks for all their blessings and remembering all of the good things in their life. To celebrate the joy of these memorable family moments our team has provided our favorite Thanksgiving recipes and we’re on the hunt for more! What are your family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

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Jacqui (Founder & CEO):
I love Epicurious’s section on kids/easy cooking. These light and silky mashed potatoes are always fast, easy and delicious.

Drea (Co-Founder & CMO):
Leftover turkey makes great Panko Breaded Turkey Nuggets! Take some of the larger left over pieces of turkey and cut them with a fun shaped cookie cutter. Then mix milk and honey in a small bowl with the Panko bread crumbs in another bowl. Dip the nuggets in the honey batter, then the breading, then broil on medium for a few minutes on each side until they are crispy and golden brown. Left over cranberry sauce is excellent for dipping.

Charina (Advertising Director):
Sweet potato and white bean puree.  Sounds like a first food for babies?  It is!  But here is an adapted “adult” version of Tyler Florence’s Sprout recipe that’s a crowd pleaser at our dining table.

Erin (Managing Editor):
Did somebody say pie? I have a major sweet tooth, but have no patience, especially when it comes to laboring over pie crusts that always break. This recipe for skillet apple pie will satisfy any dessert-lover (including me!), plus, it’s very easy to make and basically uses only one big skillet so there’s little clean up. Enjoy!

Scott (Editorial Assistant):
Baked Peaches. This sweet treat is my grandmother’s standby for every major holiday dinner. The peaches soften as you bake them so every bite is deliciously satisfying. Best of all? It’s like having dessert with dinner!

Jessica (East Coast Sales Team Member):
I started making dried cranberry, apricot and fig stuffing a few years ago after seeing it in Bon Appétit. I’m a collector of their thanksgiving editions. I had my soon to be mother-in-law coming into town (who is a great cook) for turkey day, and wanted to impress her with a fancy stuffing dish. She was raving about it for days!!

Laura (Seattle Sales Team Member):
I found this delicious sweet potato recipe a couple years ago just before it was announced that Jose Garces had won the next Iron Chef. The spiced pecans are so good you could serve them as a snack! Also-easy to leave the nuts off for those with allergies or aversion to spice. Sweet Potato Gratin with Chile Spiced Pecans. Loove pouring over new recipes for Thanksgiving.

Tracy (Portland Sales Team Member):
I’m not sure which I like more — the Thanksgiving Day meal or the Turkey Sandwiches the next day! Simple, but so yummy these Turkey Sandwiches are the best!

Tina (Super Star Sales assistant):
I love to eat stuffing! After making the stuffing, I skip putting the stuffing into the turkey and eat it myself! I’ve used this recipe (adding and subtracting some ingredients) and it’s super delicious!

Julie (San Francisco Sales Team member):
My husband is the main cook in our family but this is my one contribution to Thanksgiving dinner and it’s a big crowd pleaser! The chestnuts are kind of labor intensive but the reward is worth it. We serve this “fancy stuffing”, as my daughter calls it, in addition to the good old traditional kind.

Cheyenne (Portland Calendar Editor):
I love the simplicity and comfort of a gratin. My favorite is this rich cauliflower gratin to the table. I have made various versions of it–substituted gruyere for manchego cheese and even added other veggies like broccoli and kale. It’s always one of the first side dishes to disappear.

Leah (San Diego Calendar Editor):
My favorite Thanksgiving dish is a Creamed Corn side dish I discovered years ago and have been making it ever since. It is incredible and will leave your guests wanting more. Trust me, double (even triple) the recipe. It’s that good!

Rachel (San Francisco Calendar Editor):
My favorite dish of the Thanksgiving season is anything combining pumpkin with chocolate! I have made cookies and muffins, but this year it’s all about these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars! It’s like eating a pumpkin pie in cake form, in the shape of a bar, with just enough spice and chocolate. Serve them with a side of mascarpone cheese or cream cheese frosting mixed with maple syrup, and you will definitely be invited back again next year!

Laure (San Francisco writer):
This recipe is to die for and super easy! A friend of ours brought it to us last year and I’ll be making it for my family this year. Yummy Brussel sprouts!

Beth (SoCal writer):
Who better to turn to for a recipe than Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa? My kids and I love to watch her cooking show and we relish her simple yet delicious recipe for string beans with shallots (pictured below — Thanks Beth!). For recipe click here!

Kim (Los Angeles writer):
My husband takes great pride in [ostensibly] curbing his sugar carvings by eating a bowl of mixed fruit every morning.  On Thanksgiving he indulges, which gives me license to bake:  pecan pie is his favorite.  No corn syrup here, this is the honest-to-goodness, stick-to-your-ribs, call-the-dentist filling with light AND brown sugar. I add a couple of spoonfuls of molasses to make it even chewier. I love making homemade crust, but a good premade one will work for those less inclined.  (Insider’s note: Trader Joe’s frozen pie crust will keep them guessing every time.)

Sommy (San Diego writer):
All year long I wait until November to eat up anything and everything pumpkin.  I’m a sucker for sweets and I just can’t get enough of this Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan Upside-Down Cake.  I thought only pineapple came upside-down until I met this quartet. This is my favorite recipe from my favorite cooking blog because it marries the best of the sweet and rustic flavors of Thanksgiving.

Katie (Seattle Writer):
We cook a really traditional Thanksgiving meal, using the same recipes over and over again. One of my faves is always the cranberries — I have to have a little bite of cranberry sauce with every thing! This year, I’m going to try making it in the crockpot using this recipe. I love that I can just throw in all in the crockpot and let it cook itself — one less thing to worry about when pulling the meal together!

Pat (Seattle writer):
Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some traditional corn bread/bread stuffing but this recipe is close to my Asian heart. Sticky rice is studded with smoky sweet Chinese sausage and earthy black mushrooms, and the crunch of water chestnuts contrasts with soft, roasted chestnuts. Yum! I pile heaps of it on my plate right next to the turkey (dark meat please!) and the mashed potatoes, but I usually hold the gravy. It’s an unusual–and very tasty–addition to the Thanksgiving table.

Evelyn (Portland writer):
My step-dad’s sausage stuffing beats the pants off of any side dish I’ve ever eaten. Pork sausage and fresh herbs kick those flavor-soaked pieces of bread up a few notches closer to heaven: Try this sausage and apple stuffing recipe from Epicurious!

Alanna (Portland writer):
When I was a kid, we’d wake up every Thanksgiving morning to the smell of orange rolls. You can prepare them the night before so they’re ready to pop in the oven on Thanksgiving morning.

Cathie (Portland writer):
My kids love Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Yep, I take a cue from Snoopy and serve them popcorn, toast and jelly beans! They have the rest of their life to eat turkey (sometimes they still have some anyway!) and they look forward to this. We watch the DVD, make hats and they eat!

And this recipe for Sourdough Sausage Stuffing from Cooking Light that I have been using every year since it first appeared in 1998. Not only is it delicious, but perfect for make ahead. You can chop, then cook the onion/celery/sausage and freeze them until the day of. Then assemble and bake!

(Thanks for the cute photo Cathie!)

Sarah (New York writer):
Veggies tend to be low on the Thanksgiving totem pole, but after I tried this brussels sprouts recipe seven years ago, it’s become a star feature on the table. Right before Thanksgiving, family and friends call to ask, “Are you  making the brussels sprouts this year?” It’s an easy vegetarian recipe, but throwing some crispy bacon on top would be amazing, too!

Let us know what you plan to make this Thanksgiving in the comment section below! And, a very Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Red Tricycle!

Photo #1 credit: jeffreyw via Flickr
Photo #2 credit: jstuppy via Flickr

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