Serena Williams’ Fiance Has Been Using Reddit for Parenting Tips & Here’s What He Found

photo: Serena Williams via Instagram

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Every new parent and parent-to-be can relate to the millions of questions that come along with raising a baby, and celebrities are no exception. Serena Williams’ fiance and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, has been putting his favorite Internet forum to good use in order to answer those tough questions.

Just like many other parents, Ohanian has been scouring Reddit for parenting tips to prepare for the upcoming birth of the couple’s new baby and he’s hit upon some pretty good advice. “My favorite (tip) is to sleep with a blanket for like a month before the due date so you get your dad scent all over it, and then wrap the baby in it once it shows up, so they’re not just immediately bonding with mom, but also getting a bit of dad,” he told Today Parents.

Ohanian also learned how to introduce the couple’s dog, Chip, to the new baby. “Introduce them to the child using a blanket that’s been wrapped around the baby,” he explained. Baby clothes are another topic Reddit had something to say about, with the consensus that zippers are much more practical than snaps when it comes to baby PJs.

The future dad did offer some wise advice of his own, when it comes to using the internet as your guide. “Humans who have been far less equipped than us have been successfully parenting for thousands of years, so I’m trying not to overthink it, but it’s easy in today’s connected world to get overwhelmed,” Ohanian said.

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