Can You Guess What’s In Serena Williams’ Target Shopping Cart?

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We all like to imagine that celebrities are just like us, and as it turns out, some of them really are: did you know Serena Williams shops at Target? Holy Dollar Spot, Batman!

In a recent interview with InStyle, Williams tells the magazine that she thoroughly enjoys a late night Target sesh, especially with it comes to shopping for swimsuits––aaaaand now we’re best friends forever.

Williams talked summer style for the InStyle magazine’s August issue, raving about what we already know about our favorite bulls-eye retailer. She praised Target’s cool designs and the fact that they fit her great.

As usual, Target proves there’s something for everyone within its holy halls—or online, too. When it comes to swimsuits, we’re guessing you bound to find at least one you like because there are more than 1,200 women’s swimsuit styles to choose from at Target’s website alone.

Photo: Courtesy of Target

In particular, the tennis superstar enjoys making Target runs at night so she can try on as many suits as possible without being bothered. And now we’re going to be roaming the aisles late night too, because apparently you never know when you may spot a celeb.

––Karly Wood

Featured Photo: Serena Williams via Instagram


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