Sesame Street’s Version Of “Despacito” Is Everything You’d Expect

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You’ve heard Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” something like five million times this summer. Yep, it’s pretty much on an endless radio loop (that’s not to mention the thousands of times your tween has played it after she downloaded the song). Well, now Sesame Street is getting in on the “Despacito” action. Whoa. Wait. What does the educational Muppet show have to do with a pop song? Check out how Sesame Street put their own stamp on this summer-time hit.

We all know and love, love, love Ernie and his BFF Rubber Duckie. Okay, so Bert is his real BFF. But Duckie sure plays a major role in Ernie’s Sesame Street storyline. Along with the duck itself comes the absolutely beloved Rubber Duckie song.

Instead of the original version of the Rubber Duckie song, Ernie’s showing off his cool streak and changing up the words! Yep, the lovable Muppet is featuring Sesame Street’s very own parody of “Despacito.”

While the original now reigns as the most-watched video on YouTube (with a whopping three billion views), Ernie’s version is pretty amazing too! Set on a beach, Ernie and his friends sing their parody to the duck. Oh, and this isn’t just pure entertainment. Even though it’s more than entertaining, especially to us parents, the video also teaches kiddos about the Spanish word for duck — el patito.

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