Seven-Year-Old “Kidtrepreneur” Collects 28,000 Pounds of Food To Feed His Local Community

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Photo: CW33

Entrepreneurial spirit can strike anyone, at any time, no matter their age. At just seven-years-old, first grader Kaden Newton already started his own charity organization, Mac & Cheese and Pancakes, which was founded nearly two months ago.

Because of Kaden’s hunger to feed children in his community of North Texas, Mac & Cheese and Pancakes has collected well over 24,000 “kid-friendly” and “kid-approved” food items, like (you guessed it) Mac & Cheese. That’s nearly 28,000 pounds of food collected in two months time. He’s received items from Egypt, Puerto Rico and almost every state via his Amazon Wishlist. Companies such as Amazon and Kelloggs even gave generous donations to Kaden’s cause.

Kaden was nationally awarded the 2017 KidTrepreneur of the Year Grand Prize sponsored by Barbara’s Bakery, with a grand prize, he won $10,000. When CW asked Kaden what he was going to with the money he said, “I would buy Kraft Mac & Cheese.” Nice!

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