Sitting 101: Teaching Child to Sit!

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Sitting is an exciting milestone that provides children the opportunity to explore the world in a brand new way! In this post we share some Sitting Tips and Tricks to Help Teaching Child to Sit Independently! 

The Seven Stages of Sitting

Each child develops at their own pace, so allow your child time to gain comfort and control in each of these stages. 

The precursors to Teaching Child to Sit involve:

Head/neck control Upper body strength Postural control Trunk strength and stability Static balance Dynamic balance Symmetric weight bearing through lower extremities

1. Horizontal Head/Neck Control: during Tummy Time child is able to push up on hands to gaze horizontally.

2. Vertical Head/Neck Control: when held upright child is able to hold head up against gravity.

3. Static Support Sitting: child is able to maintain Supported Sitting, with caregiver hands on assistance

4. Dynamic Support Sitting: child is able to utilize dynamic support surface (Boppy, couch cushions) to maintain sitting.

5.  Independent Tripod Sitting: child is able to support body with upper extremities.

6. Independent Static Sitting: child still requires close supervision for safety, but is able to maintain erect sitting posture for short durations.

7. Functional Independent Sitting: child is now able to manipulate toys, reaching across body and overhead without loss of balance!

Independence in sitting requires many complex skills, coordination, balance, strength, and body/safety awareness. I have broken down our exercise and activity recommendations into the element of sitting addressed by each and assist with Teaching Child to Sit Independently.

Exercise and Activity Recommendations

Trunk Strength Exercises

1. Tummy Time on Therapy Ball

2. Tummy Time on Incline Ramp

3. Tummy Time on Dyna-Disc or Wedge Cushion

4. Supported Sitting on Dyna-Disc 

5. Supported Sitting on Therapy Ball

We hope you enjoyed this post with helpful tips for Teaching Child to Sit!

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