Skinny Cow’s New High Protein Ice Cream Will Make You Want to Serve It for Dinner

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photo: Skinny Cow

Don’t you sometimes just wish you could skip the meal prep and just pop open a pint of ice cream for dinner? Well, now it’s not such a terrible idea (just don’t let your kids see you!) as long as you’re dining on Skinny Cow’s new line of “enlightened” ice cream. The diet-friendly dessert company’s newest creation is low-fat and contains a whopping 22 grams of protein (that’s as much protein as is in a single hamburger) per pint-sized serving, according to this article on Delish.

There are four different flavors —  Mint Chip Mashup, Oh Fudge Cookie, Oh My! Vanilla Bean and Fudgetastic Java — and they all contain about 350 calories per package (compare that to Ben & Jerry’s nearly 1,000 calories per pint!).

So, yes, you can eat the whole pint!

For some mysterious reason, the new ice cream isn’t yet listed on the Skinny Cow website, but you can expect to see it on the shelves soon at stores including Publix, Hannaford, Target and Kroger, Delish said.

Guilt-free desserts are nothing new for Skinny Cow (hence the name). The company, a part of Nestle USA, already has a pretty good hold on the low-cal frozen desserts market with their killer low-fat popsicles, ice cream cones, candy and ice cream sandwiches.

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