Slow Cooker Soy Sauce Chicken

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Break out your slow cooker for this simple recipe that requires only five ingredients (two of which are salt and pepper). Whip up a batch of rice and steamed veggies right before your meal and you’ve got a healthy dinner that your family will love.

Chicken Thighs skin and bones (8 pieces)
Hoisin Sauce
Soy Sauce

Optional: Vegetables – onions, canned corn, and carrots are a good mix to this tasty recipe, or throw in some eggs to boil with, and get a lovely caffeine-free version of Chinese tea-eggs!

1. Defrost the chicken (if needed) and place into secure zip-lock bags.
2. Coat chicken liberally in salt, pepper, and hoisin sauce. It’s okay to be heavy handed here. Then add several dashes of soy sauce.
3. Marinate overnight, or as long as possible.
4. When ready to cook, throw chicken in crock pot.
For early bird parents, set on low heat and leave for work.
For stay-home moms and pops, set on high heat for at least 4 hours.

When ready, the chicken thighs will be swimming in their own juices. Serve this dish with a heaping of rice – your littles one will be asking for the delicious sauce to drizzle over everything. The best part is that this dish tastes even better overnight! This recipe is for a family of 4.

Photo courtesy of eat4fun, who also has a non-crock pot, specialized ingredient variation of this recipe for those willing to watch the fire.