The New Way to Sneak In Your Daily Veggies

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We know all too well the difficulties of getting our picky eaters to try anything that even remotely resembles a vegetable. Well now there’s a new way to sneak in a few extra veggies into your little snackers’ food and them be none the wiser. Introducing Sneakz Organic Chocolate Milkshake, the delicious treat that will have your kids happily drinking their daily dose of veggies…even if they don’t know it!


What’s their secret?
Sneakz Organic Milkshakes boast a simple ingredients list that includes: organic milk, organic dried sweet potato, organic dried carrot, and organic dried broccoli, along with a touch of cane sugar and cocoa. Plus, they’re free from artificial ingredients as well as GMOs, Antibiotics, and Synthetic Hormones, so every drink packs in only the best ingredients for thirsty kids. Try comparing Sneakz to other chocolate milk drinks and you’ll see that Sneakz not only tastes just as good, but is a much healthier alternative, with more fiber and less sugar and sodium per serving than many leading chocolate milk brands.


What Makes it Great?
Just because Sneakz Milkshakes are healthy doesn’t mean they don’t taste great too! Although they can be served at room temperature, our little taste testers preferred to enjoy their Sneakz Milkshakes fresh out of the refrigerator. The chocolate flavor is sweet enough to distract from the added veggies without being overpowering and too sugary. Plus, an 8oz carton packs a whole serving of vegetables, so tiny tummies will feel full after slurping down just one container of this drink. The expanding straws were also a fun feature that made this treat even more enjoyable for the littler set.


Perfect for lunchboxes or just a snack to tide your kids over before dinner, Sneakz Organic Milkshakes are a clever solution for parents looking to end the “eat your veggies” argument.

Find Sneakz near you with the help of their store finder. Or, check out their Amazon store, where they offer free shipping across the U.S. A pack of 12 8oz cartons retails for $25.

Have you tried Sneakz Organic Milkshakes yet? What did your little ones think?

photo credit: Sneakz Organic facebook page & Charina Lumley