A Kids Consignment Shop with a 60/40 Split

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Kids grow fast and nothing is a bigger contradiction than kids’ clothing and gear: you can never have too much or too little of it. If you’re like most of us right now, spring-cleaning beckons as the influx of gifts from the holidays has taken over any space left in the house. Yes, you’ve thought of setting up a garage sale but realistically that just isn’t happening as long as you’ve got breastfeeding and potty-training duties. So what’s a mom to do before TLC features her on their hoarding show? Consign! Gather your old maternity clothes, kids’ clothing and gear to and bring them to the Newport Kids consignment shop.


A Little Background
Owner Ashley Woodford and her mother have been running this amazing shop for 12 years. It’s located in a strip mall with plenty of parking which means plenty of room to park your SUV or mini-van to haul your items into the shop. Ashley has developed relationships with over 6600 currently active consignors and has survived the down economy by helping moms sell and buy their baby gear with attention to detail and great care. Even though it has been around for 12 years, she still gets new parents coming in telling her the-only if they had about this place sooner-story. So put this one on your radar, it’s a trend that will definitely not go out of fashion anytime soon.


First Time Consignor Guide to Upscale Resale
Are you a virgin consignor? No worries, we’ve got you covered in this step-by-step process. You’ll be purged of your excess baby weight (we mean the baby gear but you can get your skinny on here too) and a few dollars richer.

  1. Gather all clothing that is within 3 years old. Newport Kids keeps current with the times and accepts styles within 3 years of season. Be sure to launder all clothing and inspect them for any holes or damages. No rips, stains, tears of any kind.  Remember, we want quality, gently used items that are going to be a hit with the shoppers.
  2. Book an appointment online. Ashley and her team takes pride in the fact that they spend time going through each item and pricing them with their state-of-the-art computer system. Each item is tagged with a description, size, and price and then linked to the consignor in their computers. For a few bags of clothing, expect to spend about half an hour of consultation. Only clothing needs an appointment, otherwise any equipment such as strollers, playpens, and toys do not need an appointment and you can walk right in.
  3. Once you’re done, all you have to do is wait and let them do the work in selling your items!

So You’ve Handed Over The Gear, What Next?
All items stay on the floor for 90 days, and then there is a clearance at the end of every month to try to move all of the merchandise. If after the clearance your items are still around, you have the option of picking them up or allowing Newport Kids to donate them to Camp Pendleton for families who could really use the extra gear. Once your item is sold, you will be notified and you can receive a check or store credit for the amount owed to you.  Check amounts average anywhere from $100-$1000, depending on the type of items and the demand. It’s good to keep in mind that it takes time to find the right buyer for your items so expect about 2-4 weeks before your items sell.


Why We Like This Shop
It offers one of the biggest splits around: a whopping 60/40 which means you get to keep 40% of the cash while they do all the work. They also carry an extensive maternity line perfect for fashionistas seeking their Pea in the Pod staples or True Religion denim at half the cost! If you have equipment to sell, bring it here with no appointment necessary. They will do all of the legwork by posting the equipment (not clothing) on Craigslist and Facebook for you so you don’t have to hassle with meeting up potential buyers while toting the kids around. Newport Kids also stays up-to-date with sales and prices offered by other retailers such as ebay, Etsy, and Amazon to name a few. They want to ensure that their consignors are getting the best possible price.

Good To Know
Prices are negotiable, so if a buyer makes an offer, Newport Kids will call the consignor to make sure the price is okay before any transactions take place. Newport Kids prides itself on its personal relationships with consignors and is very accommodating to any concerns.  Also note the brands that are accepted and the brands that are rejected. Remember, this is a specialized, upscale resale boutique.


Get The Kids Involved
A good tip that owner Ashley mentioned was getting the kids involved by teaching them to utilize consignment for their benefit. For example, if your kiddos are eyeing some brand new sneakers, tell them that they need to consign some of their used items in order to make room and money to purchase the new items. Gives the kids a chance to put some thought into their purchases and fight the pull of the abyss known as instant gratification.  This is also a great way to fundraise for any event or cause to get your little ones active and thinking!

Newport Kids
Children & Maternity Consignment Boutique
1775 Newport Boulevard
Costa Mesa, Ca
Online: newportkidsconsignment.com

We know there are lots of other great resale shops in SoCal, so share with us your favorite spot to score on kid’s clothing and gear. 

— Sommy Rhee

All photos take by Sommy