A Bakery That’s Worth an Early Wake-Up

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There are some little pleasures that we just can’t deny ourselves, especially when it comes to our morning routine. Cup of coffee, our favorite magazine or newspaper, and a warm, flaky pastry. Mmm, heaven. While Southern California is rife with bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s one newly renovated spot in old town Tustin that’s worth waking up a little early for: Cream Pan. This Japanese-French bakery makes fresh pastries daily and is notorious for selling out by the afternoon, especially its star attraction, the strawberry croissant. But their delicious offerings go beyond just their croissants…way beyond. Scrumptious a la carte items are also available such as various sandwiches and an assortment of California rolls and rice balls…. all perfect for an impromptu picnic or an after school snack. Here’s the low down on their baked bounty:

The Pastries
Strawberry croissants are the bread and butter of this bakery and are a must have for first-timers. You can buy them individually or by the platter and are a yummy treat for the classroom, a birthday party, or any gathering. Also available are almond pear tarts, banana tarts, blueberry scones, traditional Japanese melon and red bean pastries, as well as curry (called curry pan) and potato croquettes. Cakes such as green tea, sweet potato, and chocolate are available as well. If you are just looking for a classic donut, they have that too: try the Boston donut.

The Breads
Fresh baguettes with the perfect crispy shell, white loaves of breads that are conveniently sliced and preservative free, various dinner rolls, and artisan breads are also steaming up their displays. Pick some up to create tasty sandwiches for the kids’ school lunches or to accompany pasta night.

The a la carte Boxed Sandwiches
The pork katsu sandwich is divine here. Other sandwiches made are your standard kid-friendly ham & cheese, tuna fish, and egg salad. If you and the kids want to venture outside the box, try the yakisoba sandwich, a.k.a. noodles in a baguette!

The Rolls
Boxed California and spicy tuna rolls are ready to go. Traditional Japanese rice balls are available in carious flavors and colors as well.

The Drinks
Your standard cup of Joe and other drinks are available to accompany your treats. There is freshly squeezed orange juice for the kiddos.

Before the move, Cream Pan wasn’t too kid-friendly due to its long lines and cramped space.  But now, it’s an ideal place to bring the kids to enjoy breakfast pastries or have a fun coffee meet with another mom. With plenty of parking, they are open Monday through Sunday from 6:00am to 4:00pm.

Cream Pan
602 El Camino Real
Tustin, Ca

Have you visited this bakery? What was your favorite item on the menu?

–Sommy Rhee

All photos courtesy of Sommy herself!