Creamistry’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: The Dessert of the Future

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Ready to try the ice cream of the future? At Creamistry, kids get to watch their frozen treat materialize from a mad scientist-like cloud of fog thanks to the infusion of liquid nitrogen. Here’s where to feast your eyes on the magic and get a lick of the creamiest ice cream you’ll ever eat. It’s a scientific fact.


Photo: Beth Shea

Create Your Concoction
The fun begins as you customize your ice cream treat to your liking. First you choose from four liquid bases: premium, organic, sorbet or coconut. Next you choose the flavor of your ice cream from over 50 options ranging from favorites like Cookies & Cream to more unique options like Birthday Cake. Then you choose your toppings and mix-ins from another wide variety of selections you’ve come to know and love as toppers: brownie bites, candy bars, chocolate fudge etc. Finally, you can upgrade to a waffle bowl, brownie bowl or chocolate bowl.

Also on the menu are Nitroshakes and Nitrofloats and Custom Formulas that boast layer upon layer of ice cream, toppings and sauces.

Fun fact: The Oreo cookies in Creamistry’s Cookies & Cream ice cream stay crispy instead of going soggy since the ice cream is made to order with fresh Oreos. The staff call this flavor a “must try!”

Insider’s Tip: The “regular” size will be more than enough for your pint-sized, ice cream-going companions.


Photo: Creamistry

Watch Your Sweet Treat Materialize
Creamologists will handcraft the ice cream treat you designed fresh on the spot, before your eyes. When the fog lifts, you’re left with a downright magical concoction. This family outing is a two-for-one experience because not only do you get to enjoy ice cream together, you get to watch an exciting live liquid nitrogen show.


Photo: Beth Shea

Brave the Element
Wondering how Creamistry ice cream gets so creamy and what liquid nitrogen has to do with it? That’s all thanks to some pretty weird science. Standard ice cream is made by freezing batches in a freezer for around 45 minutes. This process tends to cause ice crystals to form — which makes ice cream hard and icy in texture.

Enter liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees. Since it’s so cold, it freezes the creamy base immediately on contact and makes the milk particles stay small and not form into ice crystals. And voila, this results in smoother, creamier ice cream.


Photo: Creamistry

Something for Everyone
Creamistry is well-equipped to accommodate visitors with food allergies. In addition to the array of menu selections geared for dietary restrictions including non-dairy, lactose free, gluten-free, egg-free and options such as vegan, organic, non-GMO, water-based and KSA kosher, Creamologists will sanitize everything used to create your kid’s ice cream––so even someone with a dairy allergy can now frequent the ice cream shop.


Photo: Creamistry

The Cost of Cool
Creamistry ice cream costs a bit more than your average frozen treat… but that’s because it’s far above average. We didn’t mind paying extra for the entire experience––from customizing the treat from scratch, watching it get whipped up and then tasting the elevated version of the classic dessert. A regular sized ice cream starts at $5.95 + $1 per topping, up to Custom Formulas that run $8.95 and include two toppings, sauce and whipped cream.

Insider’s Tip: Order your Creamistry concoction to-go by requesting an extra dose of liquid nitrogen to keep your frozen treat from melting on the way home.

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Have you tried Creamistry? What’s your favorite concoction to order up?

–– Beth Shea