Go Under the Sea at Sea Life Aquarium

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Life is the bubbles under the sea! The Sea Life aquarium, located just outside Legoland California is home to some of the most amazing sea creatures on the planet. This aquarium is relatively small, creating an intimate setting that is ideal for kids to see their favorite marine life up close. So whether you’re looking to duck out of Legoland for an hour or two, or just love looking at fish, Sea Life is the place to visit.

Like most popular attractions, Sea Life can get very crowded. Come on a weekday or during non-peak times to ensure the least crowds and the best opportunity for your kiddos to see all of the exhibits.

The Sea Life aquarium isn’t as large as other aquariums, so plan on spending 1-2 hours for your visit.

Admission to Sea Life costs $20 a person. Parking in the Legoland lot is $12, but guest services will reimburse you $7 if you only plan on visiting the aquarium.

What to See/Do:
In addition to all of the cool sea creatures, Seal Life also has a a fun quiz to keep your kids engaged in the exhibits. Encourage your little ones to get involved with the interactive questions by having them scratch off their choices on an answer sheet. Hint: The correct answers are also “hidden” on the path.

Your kids will love sticking their heads through the tank bubbles to get an “inside” view of the fishes and become a part of the exhibit!

Sea Life also has a special play area just for kids, a puppet show, and movie clips to keep them entertained. You’re going to have a hard time pulling your kids away from the sandcastle building station (made entirely of Legos of course!).

There are two touch pool areas where anyone is welcome to explore. Roll up your sleeves and touch a ray!

Insider Tip: Want to watch your favorite animals chow down? Check out the animal feeding times for Sea Life here.

Insider Tip: Be on the lookout for Lego figurines hanging out in the tanks. There are scuba divers, surfers, and other friendly faces, so keep a sharp eye.

Where to Eat:
Upon completing your visit to Sea Life, you will pass through the Ocean Journey Cafe. By now your little ones are sure to have worked up an appetite for some gourmet mac ‘n cheese or some delicious sliders. They also offer a selection of gluten-free items on the menu for those eaters with dietary restrictions.

We hope that you and your family enjoy your visit to the Sea Life Aquarium. If you plan on piggybacking your visit with a trip to Legoland, be sure to check out our Insider’s Guide to Legoland to get the scoop on what to see. Be sure to leave us a comment below to share your family’s insider tips on how to best enjoy the Sea Life Aquarium.

– Scott Wardell