Instagram has proven that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. If you’re one of the many Insta-obsessed parents who thought your favorite, scrolling rabbit hole of creativity, humor and daily inspiration couldn’t get any more addictive —think again. The Instagram accounts of these 9 fellow SoCal moms will take your ‘gramming game to a whole new level. Scroll through our slideshow for the best accounts on Instagram to follow.

Chrissy Powers, LMFT

Chrissy Powers via Instagram

Chrissy is like the best friend everyone needs in their life. As a therapist, mother and wife, she's honest, vulnerable, understanding, helpful and relatable. We love everything from her fashion/outfit tutorials, to her advice on coping with anxiety and raising children. A daily trip to Chrissy's page will fill you with hope and a feeling of being understood. Her Instagram stories are funny, poignant, wise and uplifting.

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Yay For Today/Sid

Sid via Instagram

Sid's aptly named Yay for Today Instagram feed is full of brilliant, viivd images that are "showing yah how to find YAY everyday!" Sid and her adorable son venture across San Diego for so many fun and cheery adventures from The Flower Fields to camping and the beach to Disneyland. Looking at her pics just makes you want to smile and get out and enjoy life with your kids.

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Aly Gandarilla

Aly Gandarilla via Instagram

Aly shares travel tips, and her home life and daily adventures in San Diego. From suggesting wonderful new picture books for kids and posting picture-perfect snapshots of her family's staycations to recommending the best coolers to take on a local picnic and managing to find the very best walls and murals in San Diego to take photographs of her precious kids, you're sure to unearth plenty of gems scrolling through Aly's feed.

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Mariela Cohen Photography

This clever mama is a former backpacking world traveler, turned work from home mom. She explores San Diego's many offerings for kids and families via her Instagram stories and feed. From the usual theme parks and museums to lots of free and cheap hidden gems, her posts don’t just show you, they tell you all of the details that you would want to know before you venture out to a locale. All of her information helps you find out exactly where to go, where to park, where to eat or grab your caffeine fix nearby. She has a new website coming soon where you can find all this info in one searchable place. 

Instagram handle:

Christina/This Is Real Life Mama

This is Real Life Mama

This is Real Life Mama Christina's feed is a visual reminder to enjoy and savor the beautiful everyday moments of parenting from cuddles with kids to baking together. This wise mama and licensed mental health therapist peppers health and wellness reminders throughout her captions, reminding parents that they're doing enough and offering tips on self-care. She's like the guru pal whose advice we all need––and perusing her feed will leave you feeling lighter.

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La Jolla Mom/Katie Dillon

La Jolla Mom

Everyone knows that traveling with kids can be tricky. So when someone makes it look both easy and beautiful, we pay attention. Katie Dillion, is a luxury travel writer and expat who takes multiple transpacific flights with her daughter every year. This pro traveler posts tips and tricks on how to make these jaunts easier on her blog and swoon-worthy pictures on her Instagram feed. We’re ready to pack our bags.

Of course, she also posts about her local jaunts including trips to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Disneyland. It's the best of both worlds.

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Richelle Cote

Richelle Cote

Peace, love and ‘gramming. Follow earth mama, Richelle Cote and her family as they showcase the eclectic beauty of San Diego. Often barefoot and fancy free this fashion lover is also a community connector. Founder of the Neighborhood Collective, a host company for creative gatherings, her feed offers wellness advice and tons of local inspiration from foodies, DIY’ers photographers, artists and other creatives working and living in your neighborhood.

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The Leo Loves/Erin Brant

water fountain, park, toddler boy
The Leo Loves

Looking for a few tips on how to snap the perfect shot? Follow Erin Oveis Brant's feed ASAP. Mama to three adorable boys, Erin will tell you that she's “fluent in the language of beautiful chaos.” We'll tell you that she's got a knack for bringing out the natural beauty in everyday moments. Follow Erin and you'll truly feel like you're getting a glimpse into the inner workings of her lovely and boisterous family. From brotherly love to family fun at the beach, the photos this insta-mom shares will leave a smile on your face.

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Popsicle Blog/Jill Parkin

Popsicle Blog/Jill Parkin

Lighting up the ‘gramming world from the beautiful OC, is Jill Parkin of Popsicle Blog. Her cheerful feed and adorable brood will motivate you to jump in the car with your own kiddos and road trip throughout SoCal—making pit stops at all her favorite places along the way. #familytravel for the win!

Instagram handle:

––Aimee Della Bitta & Beth Shea


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