Your Kid-Friendly Guide to Comic-Con Events (No Badge Required)

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Wishing you could attend Comic-Con International this year, but you weren’t able to score a coveted badge? Zoiks! We hear you––Comic-Con badges are nearly impossible to snag these days, selling out long before the big event. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the entire experience! Head on downtown anyway for fab photo opportunities and tons of fun happening right outside the convention center. Don your superhero costumes alongside your little sidekicks and click through our slideshow of events for the ultimate in Comic-Con festivities. No badges required!

Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria

Who ya gonna call? Back for its fourth year, Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria is an all day event at The Werewolf restaurant downtown. All ages are welcome until 9 p.m. Get ready for some supernatural fun and awesome giveaways! The creators from IDW Comics will also be on hand to talk about the ongoing Ghostbuster Comic Book. The event is free, but head there early because space is limited. Date: July 21, 10 a.m. Cost: Free 627 Fourth Ave. San Diego, Ca <em>Photo: <a target="_blank" href=";opaqueCursor=Abq6ucz4WY3TkZFTG563I3svBPhlKoZPBYYYKGCdF4YelJebkRU9irBmV2CDAj9f6_3DxdgE5lMKdDwrbw1vrnbH9tOX-3coQnutMdKB8_1fBeS1_sJPrpaG2gm8sAtEOEA-Xds7SheAkpghkHlcOTdWfN3Q45FskejMy7yGMT6xVCk3tYqs8DL1KqlnpDU8hCWPnLaKF8NMchfVIUBoL2qpSSawRZIIZeVP9uwoAK0cpvW2oXgbQB-NlBJwk-OwYRuYvn1VlceAVuvwVbOHEZIEnK51U17QPgQnR_Bf2lBw8O7J1ucb4McDRU128sSG8pNIGA7LNwBaZiShnryvDpDx3eP2UJQHXwrU2LYHasihp6Yaf_QUJ3GmEoD5dDMFzQVPl-yzcTSQVo5xJrs6xqG2&amp;theater">Real Tampabay Ghostbusters</a></em>fuck

Comic-Con Insider Tips

  • Be prepared for large crowds!
  • Be sure to check out the area around PETCO Park for kid-friendly activities.
  • There are always fun attractions on the front lawn of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel. This is also a good place to let the kiddos run around. And remember the sunscreen!
  • Don’t forget your camera! Right outside the convention center itself, you’ll see throngs of people in elaborate costumes and fun displays.

Which offsite Comic-Con events are you planning on going to? Let us know in the comments!

— Marissa Mullen