Just Opened: Lemonade at Fashion Island

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Do we dare put a pile of green anything in front of our little ones at the dinner table? Nothing says anxiety like serving up healthier cuisine to our picky little eaters. Thank goodness for Lemonade at Fashion Island. Recently opened, Lemonade gives us a chance to woo our little ones with leafy greens, like kale and spinach, in a fun cafeteria-styled way. Let your picky eaters explore healthy options by sampling through their variety of organic food paired with sweet lemonades without the fuss at the table.


Your main squeeze…
Walk into a breath of fresh air with overflowing pans of healthy, organic fare and fountains of fancy lemonade humming along.  One look behind the counter and the kids will be thrilled to find lemonade flavors ready to rock their taste buds.  Flavors include: Old fashioned, cucumber mint, blueberry mint, watermelon rosemary, guava limeade, blood-orange, and Arnold palmer.  Sugar-free options are also available daily.

Lemonade Fashion Island

Fancy veggie introductions
Figs dressed in sherry vinaigrette, kale disguised in kumquat vinaigrette, and beets paired with ricotta cheese are just some of the fancy greetings that await you.  The kids can take their time sampling their way through their very own veggie education.  Moms, you’ll be happy that you didn’t have to spend hours trying new recipes to get your little ones to eat their ruffage.  Just bring them here and let them try a little bit of everything.  Choose from 1-6 portions with prices ranging from $2.75-$12.50.  That notion that healthy, organic family dinners always cost a pretty penny is debunked here.  There is something for everyone.

Looking good hot stuff
To mix up your plate, a selection of deliciously prepared hot plates such as braises are also awaiting your attention. You can order full braises at $9.50 or half braises at $6, and the flavors include: BBQ brisket, tradition beef short rib, beef stroganoff, red miso beef short rib, chicken basque, lemongrass chicken, meatballs in mushroom sauce, and veggie pots.  Got a mac ‘n cheese fanatic? They’ve got those too: regular or white truffled up.  For some hearty flavors, try the chicken or vegetarian chilis with assorted breads.  Pizza and sandwiches are also displayed and toasted to order…you just have to worry about which one you’ll get.


Land + Sea gems
Sometimes our growing kids demand a bit more protein (and so does dad), and good news is, this place has it all.  Selections include: buttermilk chicken breast, citrus poached salmon filet, avocado salmon louie, seared ahi tuna, green apple chicken curry, tuna crudo, and tandoor chicen wrap, just to name a few.  Everything is grilled and cooked daily and you can watch the chefs tossing and turning any one of these over a blazing, hot-fired grill.

Let them eat cake…and cookies, cupcakes, and macarons too
Dinner is done.  Now time to decide whether you’ll finish your fantastic meal with the cookies (try the lemon shortbread), cupcakes, cakes (salted caramel chocolate is fantastic), pies, bars, custards, or macarons (as big as your fist!).



Lemonade at Fashion Island
987 Newport Drive
(2nd level next to movie theater)
Newport Beach, Ca
Online: lemonadela.com

Tell us about your trip to Lemonade at Fashion Island. What did you think of the newest spot to hit the OC? 

Copy and Photos by: Sommy Rhee