Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes Is Coming to San Diego

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The most epic show of the summer is headed to San Diego! Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes features 25 of your kids’ favorite superheroes including Thor, Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, Groot, Rocket, Gamora and Star-Lord. This fierce cast is on a mission to save the universe in an action-packed, live 90-minute show that features motorcycle stunts, fireworks, a 3D movie screen and dazzling special effects. Read on for more info on this spellbinding performance and to learn what some of our favorite characters told us about their superpowers when we were lucky enough to catch up with them on the road!

photo: Marvel Universe Live!

Will They Save the Universe From Evil?
The premise of Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes is: villains including Loki and Nebula steal the Wand of Watoomb from fellow villains the Ravagers led by Yondu. This powerful wand can destroy the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy race to save the day and a stunt-packed fight begins. The Lizard climbs straight down from the sky (yep, it looks real) and battles Spider-Man. The Wasp, Black Panther, Thor and Iron Man come to the rescue. Loki kidnaps his brother Thor and the Incredible Hulk. Everyone travels to the Savage Land where motorcycles zoom around, up a ramp and into the wall (ka-pow!) Then, at the Hidden Temple fire is everywhere. Will the superheroes prevail? You’ll have to come to the show and see for yourself.

photo: Marvel Universe Live!

What You & Your Superheroes in Training Need to Know
Kids should come to the show dressed as their favorite superhero–– and they should surely bring their special superpowers along with them. (Note: costumes are not allowed for teens 14 years and older). Aspiring Avengers and Guardians can get their face painted (for a fee) and enjoy a snow cone served in a superhero cup. Be prepared for all of the goodies and souvenirs that your little ones will see and most likely want––like plenty of colorful light-up wands and mega swords!

Take advantage of simple photo-ops behind a yellow superhero flag or you can get a more elaborate picture taken by a photographer. But note that no cameras or audio or video recording are allowed during the show.

Insider’s Tips: While this show is designed for all ages to enjoy, parents of younger children should be aware that there are brief black out periods, the use of pyrotechnics and loud special effects. There’s an intermission halfway through the show to stretch legs and visit the restroom if need be. Kids age 2 and older need their own ticket. Kids under the age of 2 get free admission and they must sit on their parent’s lap.

photo: Marvel Universe Live!


Secrets Unearthed: The Superheroes Answered Our Burning Questions

Red Tricycle was lucky enough to chat with the superheroes of Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes on the road. Here are their answers to our questions:

What is your favorite superpower?

Thor: My hammer, because no matter where I’m at, I can call it to me!

Black Panther: My black outfit. It’s made of Vibranium, the same as Captain America’s shield, which is indestructible.

Yondu: My favorite villain power is my Yaka Arrow. I can shoot it anywhere and it will find its way back to me.

Wasp: My greatest power is my strength.

What is your favorite line in the show?

Wasp: Black Panther’s funny line. He says, “These creatures are ugly.” And someone says, “They’re on our side.”

Black Panther: When I say, (after a big fight) “You would never survive where I’m from.”

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes
Dates: Thurs., Aug. 24 – Sun., Aug. 27
Cost: $17.50-$72.50 depending on seats
Purchase tickets here.

Valley View Casino Center
3500 Sports Arena Blvd.
San Diego, Ca

Who’s your kid’s favorite Marvel hero? Let us know in the comments below.

––Nikki Walsh

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