Let’s Experiment! How to Make the Least Amount of Sound Possible

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Your kids are pros at making sound with pretty much anything. But, how about silence? Test their silence-making skills with this experiment using objects around the house and your phone. Read on for the tutorial as they discover what object muffles sound the best.

science project-5

You’ll Need:

a phone

tin foil

a pot with a lid



teddy bear or stuffed animal



Insider tip: if you don’t have all of the above items don’t worry! Have your kids pick out a handful of objects that they think will muffle sound.



1. You will use each object to see how it best muffles your phone’s sound. Have your kids choose the first object (below we chose the pot first).

2. Set your phone’s timer to one minute and then place the phone inside the pot with the lid on.

science project-8

3. When the timer goes off can you hear it? Write down your findings!


4. Repeat with the other objects.
science project-11

5. When you’re done tell us what object muffled sound the best? Which one was the least effective?


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What other objects did you use? Leave a comment (and your findings!) about your experiment below!

photos by Christal Yuen; copy by Erin Lem

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