The New Baby Shower: 5 Sweet Sprinkle Party Ideas

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For first time mamas the idea of a full blown baby shower is a must. Gifts of swaddle blankets, bottles, outfits you know they’ll grow out of in three months, and everything in-between are carefully folded and placed in its appropriate place in baby’s new nursery. But, when it comes to kid number two, three, and if you’re really crazy (um, we mean awesome) kid number four, throwing a huge shower again just doesn’t seem appropriate, right? So for moms who’ve been there done that, a sprinkle party, which is basically a scaled down shower, is a great alternative to doing the whole baby shower party but on a less lavish level. Whether the term sprinkle party is a new one to you, or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve come up with five different themes that are sure to make your next sprinkle as memorable as ever.

You Are My Sunshine Sprinkle
When you’re on your fourth child, it’s pretty much mandatory that you should be celebrated. The mom-to-be’s sprinkle party took place in February aka the dead of winter in Chicago so the idea of a bright and cheerful bash was a no brainer. Get an up close look at this sunshine-filled sprinkle that will instantly brighten your mood.

A Sunny Shower with a Chance of Sprinkles
We love that this sprinkle party, thrown by our friend Jessica at Party Pants, takes the idea of a sprinkle so literally. With colorful rain boots, “rain water”, and sprinkled cupcakes, this sprinkle party captures the joy of playing in the rain without even having to get wet. Click here to view photos from this sunny bash.

Rain Boots

Sprinkled Donuts
We’re guessing everyone cheats on their diet with a personal (usually high in calories and sugar) guilty pleasure. For us it’s donuts. No joke. So when we came across this donut themed sprinkle party we went to our happy place. Superstar party planning team Melissa and Kellie of Icing Designs likely feel the same way about donuts as we do since they threw their mom-to-be friend a donut themed sprinkle party. Click here to see photos from this party. Be warned: your mouth might water.

Donut Bar

Build Your Own Sprinkled Cupcakes
Whenever we visit our favorite cupcake shop we always take way too long than we’d like to admit to ponder our choices. Chocolate with vanilla frosting? Red velvet? Double fudge chocolate maple? If only we could build our own cupcake with the flavors and frosting of our choosing. Bridget of Bridgey Widgey must’ve read our minds because her sprinkle baby shower was all about the custom cupcake bar. If only every watering hole featured an interactive dessert bar. Check out all the photos from this sweet party by clicking here.

The Spread

Bubbles, Biscuits and Besties
Bubbles, best friends, and biscuits was the theme of this sprinkle party thrown for mom-to-be, Allyson at Allyson’s love & lovely wedding studio in Sonoma, California. Allyson, who already has a little boy, Micah, was able to celebrate with her friends as she is set to welcome a baby girl. Click through our gallery to take a peek at this super fun sprinkle, organized by our friends at A Little Savvy Event.

What do you think of sprinkle parties? Yay or nay?

Written by: Erin Lem

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