25 Galactic Gifts Worthy of Every Star Wars Fan

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Everyone knows the famous line from the Star Wars saga: “May the Force be with you,” but did you know that a variation of this phrase has inspired an entire day of appreciation for all things Star Wars? “May the Fourth be with you” has become the token catchphrase of fans, who, on May 4th, break out their lightsabers and practice their Jedi Mind Tricks in honor of their favorite movie series. What better way to show that you’re the ultimate fan than sporting your Star Wars knitted cap or drinking your favorite beverage out of a Star Wars themed glass while you watch you watch Episodes I-VI with your little padawans? We’ve rounded up a few choice picks of awesome Star Wars themed gear that will let you express your inner Jedi…or Sith on May 4th.

Sith Bobble Head
Siths may have turned to the dark side of the force, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a soft side encased in all that hard, black plastic. Show those Star Wars fans how much you care about them this May 4th with this cute gift. $13 on Perpetual Kid.



Sandcrawler Soap
This highly detailed Sandcrawler soap is just what little Jawas need after a day full of adventures across the galaxy. Made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients, this will make a handsome addition to any self-respecting Star Wars bathroom. $4 on Geek Soap.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 12.15.37 PM

Come to the Dark Side
Stop your little tot from unleashing a mess over himself as he indulges in the Dark Side, leaving you the crumbs. Once mealtime is over, show your support for the Empire with this matching creeper $23 at Amazon.


Star Wars Paper Snowflakes
If you happen to be an aspiring artist and a Star Wars fan, then this is the perfect activity for May 4th. Print out the free designs and start cutting away to create these cool Star Wars snowflakes. Free on Anthony Herrera Designs.


Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Only a Jedi can survive in the belly of the beast – but at least he’ll do it comfortably in the warmth of this Tauntaun. Two little Padawans can snuggle into this sleeping bag, which is complete with a pillow and intricate details like a lightsaber zipper. $135 at Think Geek.


Star Wars Chop Sabers
Defend the galaxy on a full stomach, maneuver the food into your mouths with finger strength, these chop sabers will get your family excited and ready for a night out of sushi or Chinese food. Plus the Darth Maul set can even be combined into one! $13 at Think Geek.


I Am Your Father
Hang this art print on your wall and you’re guaranteed to have a room of smiles. The stern and loving nature of Dad really comes out in mytinytotcreative‘s design. She also makes a hilarious Storm Trooper print that rivals Darth Vader’s classic words. $16 at Etsy.

Star Wars Bedding
Galactic adventures continue even after your little kids have gone to sleep thanks to this awesome bedding set that features your favorite characters from the Star Wars saga. Designed by John Berkeley, the artist who created the concept artwork for the movies, your little fans will love seeing scenes from Episodes IV-VI every night. $65 on Amazon.

star wars bedding


Knitted Yoda Hat
Use a Jedi mind trick and turn your baby into a Star Wars fan even before he knows it. This knitted Yoda hat is a great prop for photo shoots, and when your little one gets older, they’ll be proud to know they’ve always loved Star Wars. $23 at Etsy.

Han Solo Trapped in iPhone
For any addicted iPhone user and Star Wars fan, this cover is cleverly creative. People will chuckle when they see Han Solo frozen in carbonite, especially if you’re texting away without a care in the world. $17 at Etsy. Have an iPhone 5 that you don’t want to get scuffed? Protect it with these awesome Star Wars cases. The Chewbacca one is great!

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.45.38 PM


The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee
A great story time book for kiddos that will have them laughing their way to sleep. Without origami Yoda to offer advice, the kids of McQuarrie Middle School are left with a Fortune Wookiee. And your kiddo will be able to make their own Fortune Wookiee to enjoy the story along with the characters. $11 at Amazon.


LEGO Vader Alarm Clock
Your sleepyheads will think twice about pushing the snooze button on this LEGO Vader alarm clock. Standing at an impressive 8 inches tall, this clock glow red when you hit the snooze button or press down his head to check the time. His arms and legs can be moved and posed just like the mini LEGO versions. $24 on Amazon.



R2D2 Tot Costume
Halloween will be coming faster than you know it, and what better accessory to have than a walking R2D2? While this one may have the tendency to run away from you, we all know this is the perfect droid you’ve been searching for. $48 at Etsy.


Wampa Rug
We’re not big on having bears as rugs, but when a snow beast comes into the market, we might have to reconsider. Kiddos might sleep with this fearsome beast – especially when it’s this soft and plush. $117 at Think Geek.


Star Wars Guitar Strap
Just like the Cantina Band, your little musicians need a touch of style to make them stand apart. That’s where this vintage-looking Star Wars guitar strap saves the day. Featuring comic book-esque artwork, guitarists will be shredded the Star Wars intro in no time with the help of this cool strap. $40 on Etsy.



Silicone R2D2 Trays
Keep your drinks and flight in operation with a little handy R2D2. He’ll make sure your ice-tea is cool even if his life depends on it! $13 at Perpetual Kid.



Star Wars Cookbook
Any good Jedi knows their way around the kitchen as well as their lightsaber. When hunger strikes, feed those Rancor-sized appetites with Clone Scones or Jawa Jigglers. Comes with 3 metal cookie cutters shaped like the Vader, R2D2, and Yoda. $23 on Perpetual Kid.

star wars cookbook


Jedi & Sith Bath Robes
This comfy bathrobe is perfect for a lounging Jedi or Yoda. As for Siths – this relaxing wear is great when you’re taking a break from galaxy domination. 90 at Think Geek.


Death Star Planetarium
This table top Death Star is a projector that’ll display the Star Ways galaxy on your wall, or if you want the Earth’s own night sky. Your kiddos will see the stars every night with this by their bed. $30 at Barnes & Noble.


Chewbacca Back Buddy
Your little one will always have a friend that has his back – literally. We’re not sure if you’ll be able to get Chewy off once they’ve bonded, but at least you’ll recognize your kid in a crowd! $49 at Amazon.


R2D2 Mini Crayons
Made from 100% non-toxic Crayola crayons, these little guys are shaped just like the crafty droid Artoo and are perfect size for little fingers to grasp. Print out some Star Wars coloring sheets and go to town. $4 on Etsy.


Star Wars Pins
These vintage pins will delight any Star Wars fan. The Force will be with anyone as they wear this proudly (or keep it safely framed somewhere else). $29 for 4 pins at Fab.com.


Mimobot USB Drive
The whole gang is here to help you keep what’s most important on your computer – whether you trust Yoda or a Wampa to protect your files, be sure to pick up your favorite Star Wars character soon – these are limited edition! $15-30 at Mimoco.


LEGO Star Wars Carrying Case/Play Mat
Now your LEGO adventures can travel anywhere in the galaxy with this handy LEGO bag that also doubles as a play mat. With easy to wipe down surfaces and images of the iconic LEGO Star Wars figures, this is the go-to bag for any builder who needs to transport supplies in style. $12 on Amazon.

lego bag


Star Wars Cups
It’s time to get a new favorite cup. Whether it’s glasses or mugs, there’s plenty of Star Wars memorabilia out there for any fan of the galaxy far-far-away. Choose from a four piece glass set ($18) or a ceramic mug ($12) for some special hot chocolate.


How will you be celebrating the 4th this year?

–Christal Yuen & Scott Wardell

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