Starbucks Now Offers Childcare Benefits for Its Employees & It’s Long Overdue

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Creating work-life balance isn’t easy and that’s why some of major companies are all-in for helping employee-parents out. Starbucks now offers childcare benefits, making it the latest company the quest to make it easier to parent and still earn a living.

If you’re a working mama, then you’ve probably been in the, “My kiddo is sick and I have no one to watch them!” panic type of situation. Well, it looks like Starbucks wants to remedy this situation.

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks 

Partnering with to offer Care@Work, Starbucks gives employees the opportunity to connect with caregivers through an online community. Starbucks employees who work in company-owned stores within the United States will get 10 subsidized backup care days annually. This doesn’t just include care days for your kiddos. Employees who are adult caregivers of aging parents also get this benefit, too.

According to vice president of benefits at Starbucks, Ron Crawford, “This is giving our partners resources for things that happen in regular life. We wanted to give them something to help fill in the gaps.”

So what else do Starbucks employees get with this new benefit? They’ll receive a free premium membership to (that’s a $150 value) and get low rates for in-home or center-based backup child or adult care. And by low, we mean $1 an hour for in-home care and $5 per day for center-based care. Whoa!

—Erica Loop



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