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My last two posts were a little heavy, and really in-depth and meaningful. So, to lighten the mood let’s talk about Pinterest. I don’t know about you but I have a love hate relationship with it. I mean talk about feeling like a total waste of a human being! I don’t have time to shower let alone make pasta from scratch for dinner when I decide to go all out and cook. I want to see who actually takes the time to do any of that stuff with their kids or do they just pin it and forget it like me. I mean really, I am really not into crafting, with the kids, all it does is make a huge mess and the kids are the last to clean it up, and by golly I have enough of their messes to clean up. I am first to admit the faster my kids are out of the house and out of my hair the faster I can breathe and not worry about the mess I am currently tripping over. All I do on pinterest is pin e-cards, the mean ones of course, tattoos, and the occasional outfit and hairst‌yle and travel and some other random useless crap. I do not pin crafts, diy, or the like because I am not doing any of them. Don’t get me wrong I think most of the ideas are awesome, and I give all the moms that pull any of them off hella props, but I would fail, at them all, and that is putting it nicely. My walls have crayons, fingerprints, and dirt all over the place, and they need to be painted, we have mounds of laundry at any given time, and most of my clothes stay in the laundry baskets, we have one room designated to all toys in the house, and it rarely gets cleaned properly. Which is okay, for the most part, some days I am like yea whatever and other days I look like a crazed monster yelling orders and making them clean the house. It is all about balance right? So yes, some of those pins would help me, but that would mean I would have to care enough to actually make me want to do them. Most of the projects I look at seem really simple, until you try to do them with a 5, 6, and 10-year-old. Their attention spans don’t last that long, we blame it on our A.D.D. So I am more likely to just bring them to the beach with a shovel and a net and call it a day.

So I need to give all the parents out there that have the patience and drive to do all those fun inspired DIY projects with your children, you are by far the better parent than I. I will drink for you so we even out the scale. There are a few people I follow that are totally into going all out with the pins and actually do most of the ones they pinned. Which is awesome but also makes me want to cry. Are their kids going to turn out smarter than mine, because that is what is all boils down to these days. My kid can count at 2 and your kid is 4 and doesn’t know how to count. I am over here like yea my kid is 5 and can count to 5 and doesn’t know his ABC’s but the way I see it, I can pin and do all of the ‘preschool’ activities with them and add teacher to my unpaid qualifications and rub it every one’s faces how much ‘smarter’ my kid is. Personally I think 12 years of school is enough, they are going to learn it whether you teach it or their teachers teach it, so why waste precious play time drilling numbers and letters, let them enjoy being a child. Let the teachers do what they get paid to do. Don’t get me wrong all the mom’s out there that take their time to teach them, I applaud you, and that is your decision, I am just one to go against the grain with most things, so know I am not attacking you. I am just here speaking my truth as a parent not judging you :).

Some of the pins make me look like a horrible parent, and I am okay with that, for the most part, I do feel a twinge of quilt every once in a while for not being one of those moms who gets all artsy fartsy with the kids. I rather plan an outdoor hike, even with the faces and noises the children would make 2 minutes into the walk/hike. Like here, go climb that tree and try to not break anything because I am so not going to the ER today. I would love to give my kids a stick and a tin can and see what they come up with if anything and some of the pins are like that, but I am just not cool enough to pin it. For if I pin it, it will sit there, I will never actually do it, and it will haunt me from the day I pin it till the day I delete it. I am not fooling any one, including myself, so I keep the unrealistic pins to the better than me moms.

You’re welcome.


Hi, just another sarcastic, over tired, trying to hold it together moms at your service. I am a spoonie and a mom of 3 little hellions that decide me fate on a regular basis. I just want to explore and go hiking but the kids make faces and noises.

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