The ‘Subtitles’ on This Video of Lying Toddlers Makes It Even Better

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It’s bad enough when you stumble upon the gigantic mess your kids have made in the minuscule amount of time you stepped out of the room, but when they blatantly lie about what happened, it’s nearly impossible to keep a straight face. The only thing funnier than the two kids slathered in butter in the video below, are the subtitles as they attempt to lie their way out of their sticky conundrum.

As a parent it’s sometimes hard to imagine just what in the world your kids were thinking when they get up to hijinks, like the butter-smeared kids in this video. The hilarious subtitles of the two boys’ thoughts captures it pretty perfectly though. They know they’ve been caught doing something they shouldn’t and yet they somehow can’t help avoiding the truth despite all the evidence.

The best moment by far, however, comes at the end when the butter-caked toddler smiles excitedly at the suggestion of bath time, as if that’s all he wanted all along. Next time maybe he’ll just ask for a bath instead of going to all this trouble.

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