Sunday Revival: 3 Traditions to Start Again

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Once upon a time Sundays weren’t just about prepping lunches or worrying about the to-do list for the week to come. They were for family meals and leisurely drives. Read on for 3 easy ways to make relaxing together an easy habit.

kid with newspaper reading

photo: Seth Long via flickr 

Sleeping/Reading In
Having a leisurely morning resets the family’s clock. While it may not be possible to sleep in thanks to early risers in your house, let them stay in their PJs a little longer than usual today. Ditch the devices and read the paper: let the kiddos pour over the funnies (and see if they are actually funny). Linger over a cup of coffee/cocoa/tea. Make sure no one is rushed if only for a little while. 

Sunday Drive
Pile the kiddos, the dog and anyone else who wants to go along for the ride into the car, cue up your favorite playlist and head out for a drive. Take the scenic route. Roll the windows down. The idea behind the Sunday drive is to take in the scenery, an alternative to the rushing from point A to point B we all are guilty of during the hectic work/school week. You don’t need to go far: pick a nearby town or park you’ve always meant to visit. No car (or you don’t want to give up your killer parking spot)? Try hopping on a city bus route you’ve never taken before, with no particular destination in mind. Grab your headphones and share them with your kids. Talk about the things you see along the way. Sing along.

Sunday Supper
Yes, you eat dinner together, but do you dine together? The idea is to have a non-hurried meal where food is prepared, served and eaten together as a family. Spread a tablecloth, light candles, place flowers on the table, serve food in your best dishes. Ask everyone to share their favorite memory from the weekend, and one thing they are looking forward to at the start of the week.

How do you celebrate your Sundays? Share with us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier


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