Backpack Meets Superhero Cape

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Even Clark Kent had a secret stash to change into his super gear on the go. Now with SuperMe bags, your little superhero too will be ready for action 24/7. So put down the bath towels and torn up sheets, because superhero playtime just got a whole lot cooler. photo

SuperMe superhero cape bags are a genius combination of backpack and superhero costume. From the outside it’s a sleek, stylish bag, but hidden inside secret pockets are a superhero cape and mask, allowing your kiddo to go from student to superhero in the blink of an eye. Pink bag

Each super bag is personalized with a superhero patch, which are as interchangeable as a superhero’s identity. Check out all the cool superhero patches and start a collection!
Patch - Rocker
Find yourself having to tote around your kiddo’s lunch bag because they dart off for playtime as quickly as The Flash? Well, SuperMe has a bag for that too. To go with their awesome backpack they also have a hands-free messenger style lunch bag with a removable strap that doubles as a superhero utility belt. A lunch bag they’ll actually want to carry themselves and hold onto–amazing.

Messenger bag

So who’s the brilliant, genius, mastermind behind SuperMe? Two super smart, super creative ladies. These totally awesome bags were developed by super moms Daphne Kaufner and Rena Stern as a response to their kiddos’ school storage and superhero needs. They designed their bags to be light as a feather, awesomely insulating, and totally water-resistent. Made of premium neoprene EVA, they’re also safe for the little ones and environmentally friendly–bonus! To get your hands on these super cool bags you can order online or find a store that carries them near you.

Cost: Superhero Cape Bag: $39.90 / Superhero patches: $5.00 each / Messenger Style Lunch Bag: $29.90

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–Katie Garcia