Sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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When did Valentine’s Day become synonymous with candy and sweets? While your kids love that this holiday is the second best to Halloween, the idea of your kiddos hopped on sugar with chocolate-stained teeth is enough to make any parent moan and grown (except dentists, of course!). So this year instead of feeding your kids need for sweets, get crafty with these oh-so-sweet Valentine’s Day crafts. Each DIY project is designed for both the younger and older sets in mind, take just a handful of objects, and produce some really awesome creations. Spread the love and let us know in the comment section below how your crafts turn out.

 Valentine’s Day Felt Mice:
This is probably the only time you’ll welcome mice into your home with open arms. These little critters are super cute (ok go ahead, say, awwww). The felt mice are made with colorful felt and kids will have fun affixing the eyes, nose, and tail, which can consist of any extra pencils lying around the house or if you want to imbue a bit of sweetness into the craft, you can also use a lollipop.

Wax Paper Stained Glass Hearts:
Raise your hand if your fam has those annoying extra crayons around the house. Yep, we know there are a lot of you scrap crayon-adverse parents out there, which is why we’re passing along some secret info: those extra crayons can be used to make this wax paper stained glass craft. Make it extra special by cutting your final creation into a heart and hang it up in your window for all to see.

Clay Heart Pendants: 
We challenge you to find us any kid who doesn’t like to play with model magic. Stumped you, didn’t we? We love this Valentine’s Day craft because kids can get hands-on with model magic, making heart shapes and using rubber stamps or really any small objects around your house to personalize the pendants to their liking. Got a heart-adverse kid? Use any shaped cookie cutter for to make this sweet craft.

http://www.tinybeans.go-vip.net/kids-arts-and-crafts/candy-heart-popsCandy Heart Pops:
Sometimes (ok ok, most of the time) the best part about DIY arts and crafts is the end result. With that in mind, we couldn’t help but love this Valentine’s Day project for candy heart pops. While it sounds complicated, believe it or not, it’s quite simple and appropriate for kids of all ages. Candy heart pops requires only a few ingredients and you and the kiddos are left with a sweet treat when all is done.

Cupcake Headband: 
Make your very own cupcake headband for your little princess with this fun craft. If you want to make it Valentine’s Day themed, use red or pink ribbon and festive felt fabric. Your kiddo will be showing off her creation at school in no time.

And, if you’re looking for more ideas, check out this post from our friend and craft goddess Kelley Moore, who has some great insider tips on how to get the kids involved this Valentine’s Day.

— Erin Lem

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