Take Back Control Of Screen Time With Amazon’s New Parent Dashboard

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photo: Amazon

Screentime struggles have officially met their match. Amazon just released a brand new tool that makes monitoring your kid’s tablet usage easier than ever. Read on to find out more about how it works.

photo: Amazon

Amazon Freetime, the subscription service that offers videos, books, and games, has just rolled out a brand new feature called The Parent Dashboard. The tool helps track not only how much time kids are spending using their tablets, but also what they are sending time on, breaking it down into apps, books, videos, and web use. The Parent Dashboard can be accessed through your personal Amazon account. Besides the total time spent in each category, you can also see exactly which games, books, apps, or videos your kids have been accessing.

They’ve also made it easier and more fun to talk to your kids about what they’ve been reading, watching, or playing with a feature called Discussion Cards. The cards give you a quick summary and talking prompts about the most popular titles in the Amazon library.

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