Talking Kids & Family with Kate Hamernik

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When it comes down to getting more bang for your buck, one of San Diego’s Top Mom Bloggers, Kate Hamernik knows all the best places to go in San Diego and shares all the awesome spots on her blog, San Diego Deals and Steals.  SDDS has everything from the best places to get frozen yogurt down to the free days at the best museums. We had a chance to catch up with Kate and talk about kids, motherhood and her family favorites in San Diego.

What is your favorite pearl of wisdom for a frazzled new mom to find her happiness?
One of the best pieces of advice I can give to our friends when a new baby enters their family is just to understand everything goes SO fast.  Sometimes new moms get overwhelmed by each stage and never get the chance to really enjoy those special stages before they are on to the next one.  I think it is important to remind new moms that those overwhelming moments do not last forever, they are only a season that will be gone too soon.  I remember being so exhausted with our new babies, but I look at a teensie newborn and miss that tiny stage where they just curl up in a tiny ball on your chest.  Take too many pictures, sleep when you can, give yourself a break when it comes to the laundry, and just enjoy every stage as much as you can.  Drinking in the positive will get you through the challenges.

What’s the best thing about living in your neighborhood?
Our neighborhood is AWESOME!  We live in North County and it is perfect for our stage of life.  We live within walking distance of a couple great parks, and we can drive to several more in a matter of minutes.  Our kids love the local ‘spray grounds’ and our library has awesome story times and craft days!  We are close enough to enjoy a walk on the beach or an afternoon at the San Diego Safari Park (passes are such a great deal!). We have found that we can really have so much fun without spending a lot of money.  We feel so fortunate to live in San Diego!

Where do you shop for your kids clothes?
I am a little bit addicted to kids clothes.  With three kiddos, I could go broke with my obsession!  I shop at a lot of different stores, but my hands down favorite store is Spin Again in Encinitas.  Spin Again is an awesome store for kids 2T through teens.  They have great new items, but they also have the BEST resale clothing!  They have awesome prices on boutique, name brand, and surf clothing.  They are very particular about what they will sell – so you know everything is in great shape. I have bought my daughter some of the sweetest Gymboree, Roxy, and other name brand dresses at a fraction of the cost!  My son has Quicksilver, Diesel, and Hurley items that we get so many compliments on.  I have even bought myself designer jeans from their teen section! I like that we can sell our name brand clothing that is in good condition to Spin Again too!

Where do you like to catch a bite with the little ones in tow?
We honestly don’t get out too much with our little ones.  When we do, we really enjoy going to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza.  We often share a pizza and a nice salad. We like the fresh ingredients and the casual environment.  Our kids are willing to try new food if it is in pizza form!  The big kids actually really love salad and they have fun combinations that are really healthy.  If it is a special occasion we sometimes share one of their big desserts too.

What’s your favorite “escape hatch”—a way to put in some “me” time to recharge?
Haha! ‘Me time’? What is that?!  If I can go grocery shopping by myself I consider myself very lucky! Just kidding! Kind of.  In all seriousness though, I have found that writing and organizing my blog is a great way to recharge.  I love that I have a little something that is mine.  Don’t get me wrong, my family is my life.  My husband, and my kids are precious and seriously all I live for.  But I think a lot of moms can empathize with how tired I am!  Taking care of an infant, shuffling big kids around to their various activities, helping with homework, breaking up arguments, and debating what is ‘fair’ and ‘not fair’, I just really like having a little something that is mine.