Teach My Preschooler Product Review

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Are you looking for a learning kit that will accelerate your child’s preschool learning in reading, adding and subtracting? Thanks to volunteer Red Tricycle Reader Ingrid Gooding Gallardo for trying and reviewing the Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit for us!

Teach My Preschooler all-in-one kit comes with Ready for Math, Ready for 1-100, Ready to Print, and Ready to Read sections. Kit aims to teach 3 year olds to read, count to 100 and get ready for math. Retail price for the kit is $49.99. To learn more about the Teach My Preschooler all-in-one learning kit, check out its featured description on the Teach My website

1. Which section did you & your little one like the most in Teach My Preschooler?

The kit has 4 sections: Ready for Math, Ready for 1-100, Ready to Print, and Ready to Read.  My 3.5 year old son and I started with the ‘Ready to Read’ section with the first step book. We also tried a different section from the kit just about every day and we both liked the ‘Ready to Print’ section the most. It was fun to use the transparencies with the magnadoodle included in the kit. You just place the transparency on top and use the magnetic pen to draw the shapes or write the letters by following the arrows. My son was really excited to see what he had written when he took the clear film off. He also enjoyed putting together multiple letters trying to form words and writing them.

2. Did you find the teaching instructions easy to follow?

In the Ready to Print section, the instruction booklet, as well as the transparencies, have good and easy-to-follow instructions.
The Ready to Read section comes with 10 books and each has instructions on what to tell your child as you are helping him read the words. There are also flashcards to learn the words used in the books.
The Ready for 1-100 section doesn’t contain any instructions but it really doesn’t need them. There are 20 foam numbers for your child to form the numbers from 1 to 100 and it has a book with pictures of the numbers.
We found the instructions for the Ready for Math section a little confusing at first. As the book shows, you should have your child build the equation with the foam numbers. It was a bit frustrating when we tried to do this and found out that there were not enough numbers in the package to even build the first equation. When we first used it, we didn’t realize there were more foam numbers in the other section’s package.

3. Do you see yourself using the kit for 20 minutes a day, regularly?

We didn’t use it every day but I think any preschooler would be interested in the colorful items in the kit and would learn a few things while playing with each section.

4. Would you recommend Teach My Preschooler to a friend?

Yes, but it would be depending on where the preschooler is in terms of knowing their letters and what they sound like, numbers, and writing.  I think this kit would be most advantageous to a child who is just starting to learn to recognize letters and numbers.

5. If you could add new sections to the kit, what topics would you choose?

I think it has enough content as it is. Just the right amount for little ones. One more comment is about the packaging used for each of the sections. The smell of the plastic bags was quite strong. Maybe cardboard would have been a better choice.