The Starbucks New Year’s Drink Collection Is Classy as All Get Out

It’s been a year of pretty impressive Starbucks drinks. Flavor-changing, color-changing cotton candy-hued Unicorn Frappuccinos wove a mystical, magical rainbow for the brief few days they were offered. And more recently, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino treated us all to a holiday-fest of mocha mint with a greenish matcha whipped cream tree on top. Well, Starbucks is doing it again. For one last big hurrah before 2017 ends, the coffee giant is unveiling a new collection of must-have drinks — and they’re all black and white!

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The Black & White Collection includes three signature drinks: the Black & White Mocha, the Black & White Hot Chocolate and the Black & White Frappuccino. And, to no one’s surprise, they’re black and white.

photo: Starbucks

With swirls of dark and white mocha, steamy milk blended with chocolatey tastes and “sequins” on top, these drinks are among the “get them right now while they last” types of Starbucks beverages that we all kind of fall in love with.

The specialty, limited-time drinks debuted on Starbucks’ menu on Dec. 27. But they won’t last long. Even though you can get your Black & White fix in through the new year, these drinks will be bidding a fond farewell soon after 2018 begins.

What’s your favorite Starbucks specialty drink? Tell us in the comments below.


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