The Week Is Launching a New Magazine Just for Kids

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Talking to your kids about the news can feel very daunting in today’s world. From war to climate change, it can feel a little scary to give your kids access to the news, but in the digital era it’s impossible to shelter them forever.

Instead, The Week Junior wants to give kids clear, straightforward information that allows them to formulate their own opinions on the world. The new publication is a weekly news magazine just for kids, which aims to make the conversation a little easier.

Aimed at readers ages eight to 14 years old, The Week Junior is a weekly spin-off from the global publication The Week. Each issue features 32 pages of engaging articles and eye-catching photographs designed to keep young readers interested and learning. The magazine covers current events, as well as featuring interviews, recipes, puzzles and other activities.

The Week Junior stands for more than just a renaissance in print. It stands for helping children navigate the fast-moving and sometimes confusing world around them,” Andrea Barbalich The Week Junior’s U.S. Editor in Chief said in a press statement. “Through accurate, engaging and unbiased editorial, we are empowering children to think critically, form their own opinions and understand their place in the world. The Week Junior fosters a passion for reading and learning that will last a lifetime.”

The kids version of the magazine launched in the United Kingdom in 2015 and it instantly became an award-winning success. “When we launched The Week Junior in the UK, everyone told us that children don’t read the news; we proved them wrong,” said Kerin O’Connor, Chief Executive of The Week and The Week Junior. “Children are smarter and more eager to know what is going on than they are given credit for. Our mission is to inspire children with inspired reading.”

The Week Junior is launching in spring 2020 as a subscription-only publication. A one year subscription is $75 for 48 issues. You can subscribe here starting now. The first issue will arrive in March.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of The Week Junior



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