Searching for a new way to spend the afternoon outdoors? We went on the hunt for clever twists on a classic children’s activity and found 12 unique ideas that are guaranteed to keep your little seekers entertained. Incorporating everything from colors and sounds to water balloons, flip through the ideas below and prepare to look, listen, and learn!

Shhh, Can You Hear…?

Looking for a quiet afternoon activity? Then head outside to hone those listening skills. The girls over at Fantastic Fun and Learning made their own recording plates featuring sounds they were hoping to hear around the neighborhood. Pick up a copy of The Listening Walk by Paul Showers for even more inspiration, and learn how to plan your own Listening Walk here.

photo: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Which hunt do you plan on trying with your kids? Let us know in the comments below.

— Lauren Hill and Christal Yuen


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