These 4 Books Are the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

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Books are the perfect baby shower gift because they will be enjoyed for many years after the child is born. They will spark baby’s love for reading because so many new books are designed to capture little imaginations. Research has found that reading to a baby can improve communication, introduce words and concepts, and build listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. Even though young babies won’t understand everything that they’re hearing, reading to them provides a bonding experience and allows them to learn more about the world. Here is a list of books that we at Stratford School love for baby showers.

For the Feminist Mom: Baby Feminists Written by Libby Babbott-Klein and Illustrated by Jessica Walker This lift-the-flap board book is irresistible to our youngest ones because it is full of babies! It is a great way for parents to introduce some of the most inspiring, trailblazing female change-makers of our time in a whimsical way. It is whimsical, which makes it less intimidating and more fun. Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo and Malala are some of the featured women in this engaging introduction to feminism. A sure hit that will make you laugh while learning about history.

New Take on an Old Classic: Tomorrow Most Likely Written by Dave Eggers, Illustrated by Lane Smith Parents love to read a book to their children at bedtime. There is no better time to bond with your child while helping them calm down from a day full of activities.  Award-winning author Dave Eggers’ brand-new bedtime book doesn’t focus on going to bed. This book explores all of the dreamy, wonderful, exciting things that the next day might bring. This book is quite possibly a modern version of “Goodnight Moon” that makes going to bed more fun! What could happen tomorrow? Maybe we should go to sleep to find out! The unusual but beautiful illustrations will keep even the youngest children interested until the very end of the book. Parents can conclude with a talk about what their own family has planned for the following day.

Light, Cute and Funny: Everything is Mama Written by Jimmy Fallon, Illustrated by Miguel Ordóñez Cute is the only way to describe this second baby book by comedian Jimmy Fallon. As a follow-up to his very popular Your Baby’s First Word Will be DADA, this book is quite similar in st‌yle. Our youngest readers love repetition; they thrive on hearing the words over and over. This book has few words but does repeat them in a way that may just have a youngster saying, “Mama!” Ending with a heartwarming message about how mamas feel about their babies, this book will delight adults and children alike.

A Multicultural Read: Mixed: A Colorful Story by Arree Chung This masterfully written children’s book is illustrated with powerful metaphors for social justice that are easily relatable to our youngest readers. With a very simple plot, the author makes it fun, accessible, and easy to understand. The bravery of two main characters to defy their community’s segregation by color (red, blue, and yellow), results not only in the creation of a new color, green, but transforms their town into something amazing. A great way for children to learn about colors while getting an introduction to inclusion and diversity.

We hope these books will make great gifts and happy reading!

Keira Pride is the Head Librarian at Stratford School, the leading independent private school founded with a vision of creating a unique, multi-dimensional, educational foundation for children. As Stratford's Head Librarian, she manages the library services department across campuses throughout Northern and Southern California.