These Beautiful Temporary Tattoos Smell Great Too

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 photo: tatly

It used to be thought that temporary tattoos were for children. Now, however, you can find images that are mature and beautiful enough to display on your skin without the pain of needles or the commitment of permanence. Not only that, you can smell delightfully like flowers or herbs with this new collection.

Tattly, launched by graphic artist Tina Roth Eisenberg in 2011, has become known for creating some of the most gorgeous and bold temporary tats, including thousands of designs by artists from across the globe. When Eisenberg came across the work of French watercolorist Vincent Jeannerot on Instagram, she fell in love with his botanical paintings and knew she wanted to work with him. Fortunately, he was up for a collaboration, as was the Agilex Fragrance  company, to create scents for these special tattoos.

photo: tatly

These stunning designs come singly or in sets, and are made to show up on a variety of skin tones. Some users have even put them on fabric!

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