9 Things Kids Today Will Never See in Their Easter Basket

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Has anyone else noticed that the Easter Bunny has gotten a little posher since we were kids? Monogrammed Easter baskets filled with gourmet chocolates and locally made stuffies are great and all, but whatever happened to cassette tapes and plastic grass? In honor of our childhood faves that have all but gone the wayside, keep reading to discover a few throwback basket fillers.

Beth and Company

You might remember those panoramic sugar eggs that looked too good to eat, but your kids might never know the feeling of that type of restraint. 

Archie via Flickr

Garbage Pail Kids were yucky, yes, but they arguably weren’t yuckier than those black jelly beans hanging out in the bottom of the basket, just waiting for some love. 

Peter Galvin via Flickr

Candy. Cigarettes. Need we say more? Hells yeah.

frankieleon via Flickr

When we were kids, there wasn’t much wrong with filling kids’ Easter baskets with non-biodegradable, shredded iridescent plastic just waiting to clog our nation’s waterways. 

Steven Depolo via Flickr

Individually wrapped and often of unknown origin, newbies to saltwater taffy ate their fair share of wax paper and lived to tell the tale.

stuart.childs via flickr

Right. There was nothing wrong—nothing wrong at all—with getting a Bangles tape or possibly one by NKOTB, but a package of blank cassette tapes? The possibilities were endless, thanks to Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40. 

Arden via Flickr

Tapping two tiny holes into either end of a raw egg and blowing the innards out is, in fact, an art form. To the victor went the spoils—more home-dyed eggs to decorate your basket on Easter morning. 

Dustin Gaffke

There was always something a little medicinal about the dispensation of a PEZ, which only added to the allure of it for kids who liked to play doctor—Take two of these, and call me after your last game of Atari. 

Brian Turner via Flickr

Way before gourmet jelly beans hit the scene these were a staple in every kid’s Easter basket—black licorice flavored and all.

What do you wish the Easter Bunny would bring back in style this year? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Shelley Massey


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